The voyages and adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto. Done into Engl. by, Volume 3

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Page 17 - ... these creatures hop and fly together, like grasshoppers ; and in that manner they hunt apes, and such other beasts, whom they pursue even to the tops of the highest trees. Also we saw adders, that were copped on the crowns of their heads, as big as a man's thigh, and so venomous, as the negroes...
Page 1 - Travels kJ? that have accompanied me from my Birth, and amidst the which I have spent my first years, I find that I have a great deal of reason to complain of Fortune, for that she seemeth to have taken a particular care to persecute me, and to make me feel that which is most insupportable in her, as if her glory had no other foundation then her cruelty. For not content to have made me be born, and to live miserably in my Country during my Youth, she conducted me, notwithstanding the fear I had of...
Page 113 - ... as it is most true that Thou art the very Son of God, conceived by the Holy Ghost in the womb of the Virgin Mary for the salvation of sinners, so Thou wilt be pleased to forgive us our offences, that thereby we may become worthy to behold Thy face in the glory of Thy kingdom, where Thou art sitting at the right hand of the Almighty. Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.
Page 157 - Mitaquer ; ask these men of the other end of the world, said he unto him, whether they have a king, what is the name of their country, and how far distant it is from this kingdom of China where now I am? Thereupon one of ours, speaking for all the rest, answered. That our country was called Portugal, that the king thereof was exceeding rich and mighty, and that from thence to the city of Pequin was at the least three years voyage.
Page 2 - ... saved, I take from the beginning of my Voyage the time which I spent in this Kingdom of Portugal, and say, That after I had lived there till I was about eleven or twelve years old, in the misery and poverty of my Fathers house within the Town of Monte-mor Ovelho, an Uncle of mine, desirous to advance me to a better fortune then that whereunto I was reduced at that time, and to take me from the caresses and cockerings of my Mother, brought me to this City of Lisbon, where he put me into the service...
Page 157 - This answer much amazed the king, because he did not think the world had been so large, so that striking his thigh with a wand that he had in his hand, and lifting up his eyes to heaven, as though he would render thanks unto God, he said aloud, so as every one might hear him : ' O Creator of all things ! are we able to comprehend the marvels of thy greatness, we that at the best are but poor worms of the earth ? Fuxiquidane, fuxiquidane, let them approach, let them approach.
Page 2 - ... in favour of me: For having been servant of this Lady, about a year and a half, an accident befel me, that cast me into manifest peril of Life, so that to save my self I was constrained to abandon her house with all the speed that possibly I could. Flying away then in very great fear, I arrived before I was aware at the Ford of Pedra, which is a small Port so called. There I found a Carvel of Alfama, that was laden with the horses and stuff of a Lord, who was going to Setuval, where at that instant...
Page 174 - ... whereby one may perceive what the inclination of this people is, and how much they are naturally addicted to the wars, wherein they take more delight than any other nation that we know.
Page 157 - ... manner, his eyes like to the Chineses, and his countenance severe and majestical ; as for his vesture, it was violet-colour, in fashion like to a Turkish robe, embroidered with pearl ; upon his feet he had green sandals wrought all over with gold-purl, and great pearls among it, and on his head a satin cap of the colour of his habit, with a rich band of diamonds and rubies intermingled together...
Page 5 - ... alive into the sea, sending him to participate with the torments of this Mahomet, and to be his companion in the other world, as he had been his confident in this. This infidel being executed in this sort, we put the other prisoners into one of our foists, and then sunk their vessel, with all the goods that were in her, which consisted most in packs of stained cloths, whereof we had no use, and a few pieces of chamlet that the soldiers got to make them apparel.

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