Asiatick Researches: Or, Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal, for Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia..., Volume 2

Front Cover
J. Swan and Company, 1801 - Asia
Vol. 2-3, 5-12 have lists of the members of the society.

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Page 49 - Beli, had raised their empire to the zenith of human glory. If we can rely on this evidence, which to me appears unexceptionable, the Iranian monarchy must have been the oldest in the world...
Page 60 - Zeratusht, who reformed the old religion by the addition of genii, or angels, presiding over months and days, of new ceremonies in the veneration shown to fire, of a new work which he pretended to have received from heaven, and, above all, by establishing the actual adoration of one Supreme Being.
Page 199 - Behold, where yon blue riv'let glides Along the laughing dale; Light reeds bedeck its verdant sides, And frolick in the gale. So shines our Prince! In bright array The Virtues round him wait; And sweetly smil'd th'auspicious day, That raised Him o'er our State.
Page 97 - I came to a ftony beach, where the fea appeared to have loft fome ground, fince there was a fine fand to the left, and beyond it a beautiful bay, which refembled that of Weymouth, and feemed equally convenient for bathing ; but it did not appear to me, that the ftones, over which I was carried, had been recently covered with water. Here I faw the frigate, and, taking leave of it for two days, turned from the coaft into a fine country very neatly cultivated, and...
Page 49 - I have habituated myself to form opinions of men and things from evidence, which is the only solid basis of civil, as experiment is of natural, knowledge; and since I have maturely considered the questions which I mean to discuss; you will not, I am persuaded, suspect my testimony, or think that I go too far, when...
Page 21 - Khata, all famed for perfumes, and for the beauty of their inhabitants ; and on thofe of China lies the country of Chin, anciently a powerful kingdom ; which name, like that of Khata, has in modern times been given to the whole Chinefe empire, where fuch an appellation would be thought an infult.
Page 63 - ... and sheds burning tears like the lighted taper, waiting passionately for the moment of its extinction, as a disengagement from earthly trammels, and the means of returning to its only beloved.
Page 159 - Persian, and at length into the dialects of India, where the true derivation of the name is known only to the learned.
Page 93 - are a wealthy nation, and we are indigent ; yet though all our groves of cocoa-trees, our fruits, and our cattle are ever at your fervice, you always try to make hard bargains with us for what you chufe to difpofe of, and frequently will neither fell nor give thofe things which we principally want.
Page 110 - ... given to him, he will fly down with amazing celerity, catch the ring before it touches the water...

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