Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

You could say Morgan was a man who'd gone to pieces. . . maybe he'd arrived unassembled." Yes, this is the odyssey of fortyish Morgan Gower—and in the soft muddle of Morgan's familial netting and his calls to freedom, Tyler again finds both warmth and a certain hard coherence. Manager (in name only) of a run-down hardware store and trapped within his Baltimore household web—cheerfully sloppy ... Read full review

Review: Morgan's Passing

Editorial Review - - Jami Edwards

This is the strange and beautiful story of Morgan, a chameleon of a man still in search of his own identity. The novel opens at a church fair puppet show with the Cinderella puppet stopping abruptly because of the puppeteer's onset of labor. A man from the audience ends up delivering the baby of Emily and Leon, but the man they know as Dr. Morgan has "sailor outfits, soldier outfits ... Read full review

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