Modern Safety Bicycle

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Whittaker, 1899 - Bicycles - 224 pages
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Page 72 - ... power interfering with the line of communication; and that the whole traffic of the Sudan would necessarily pass through Lower Egypt. It is easy to understand the force of these arguments, and if the Nile Valley scheme were feasible, there would be a good deal to be said in favour of adopting this route. A careful examination of the question tends, however, to show that the expense of making the line would be so great, and the cost of working it so excessive, in proportion to the traffic which...
Page 131 - Obviously, it would take a very much more powerful engine to raise the coal in i minute than in 10, hence power is the measure of the rate at which work is done. The measure of power is the number of footpounds per minute. If the coal in the example given above were raised in of a minute, the power exerted in foot-pounds per minute would be 2,688,000 X | = 3,584,000. In order to facilitate the expression of power without the use of such large figures as foot-pounds...
Page 155 - ... structure shall not be in excess of 0.020 in." Building Materials The foundation material and walls up to a point above ground or maximum flood elevation are most suitably built of mass or reinforced concrete. Above the building walls may be of brick, concrete, hollow tile, corrugated steel or asbestos or a combination of the two, and there are, of course, many other means of weather-proofing and fire-proofing the walls. Floors are commonly of concrete or of steel grating. Roofs are often of...
Page 56 - Before dealing with these in detail it might be as well to say a few words on the merits of each arrangement.
Page 166 - Brakes applied to the rim instead of to the tyre have come into vogue very much of late, and there is undoubtedly a great deal to be said in their favour.
Page 24 - In this way it is often possible to equalize matters, as the stiffness of a long column is inversely proportional to the square of its length.
Page 48 - The author fears that the riders themselves are as much responsible for this state of things as the makers, as owing to the absence of " graceful undulations,
Page 32 - This leverage is the distance from the point to the line of action of B, measured in a Fig.

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