The Boyhood of Christ

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Harper & brothers, 1888 - Bible stories, English - 101 pages

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Page 69 - On a certain time the King of Jerusalem sent for him, and said, I would have thee make me a throne of the same dimensions with that place in which I commonly sit.
Page 69 - And when Joseph had done as the Lord Jesus said, and each of them had with strength drawn his side, the throne obeyed, and was brought to the proper dimensions of the place.
Page 55 - When St. Mary saw them, she spake to the girl who was their companion, saying, Go and inquire of them, what is the matter with them, and what misfortune has befallen them?
Page 59 - For I was also leprous; but when I saw this woman, and this little infant with her, whose name is Jesus, I sprinkled my body with the water with which his mother had washed him and I was presently made well.
Page 68 - AND Joseph, wheresoever he went in the city, took the Lord Jesus with him, where he was sent for to work to make gates, or milk-pails, or sieves, or boxes; the Lord Jesus was with him, wheresoever he went.
Page 13 - The time draws near the birth of Christ: The moon is hid ; the night is still ; The Christmas bells from hill to hill Answer each other in the mist. Four voices of four hamlets round, From far and near, on mead and moor, Swell out and fail, as if a door Were shut between me and the sound : Each voice four changes on the wind, That now dilate, and now decrease, Peace and goodwill, goodwill and peace, Peace and goodwill, to all mankind.
Page 69 - And when he came to fix it in its place, he found it wanted two spans on each side of the appointed measure.
Page 61 - O Jesus Christ, restore (or heal) according to thy extraordinary power this mule, and grant him to have again the shape of a man and a rational creature, as he had formerly.
Page 69 - Jesus said to him, Fear not, neither be cast down; do thou lay hold on one side of the throne, and I will the other, and we will bring it to its just dimensions.
Page 59 - As often therefore as we find, ourselves oppressed with grief, we rise and go with this our mother to our father's tomb, where when we have cried sufficiently, we return home. 18 When the girl, had heard this, she said, Take courage, and cease your fears, for you have a remedy for your afflictions near at hand, even among you, and in the midst of your house.

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