Medical Lexicon: A Dictionary of Medical Science : Containing a Concise Explanation of the Various Subjects and Terms, with the French and Other Synonymes, Notices of Climate, and of Celebrated Mineral Waters, Formulae for Various Officinal and Empirical Preparations, Etc, Part 916; Part 1846

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Lea and Blanchard, 1846 - Medicine - 808 pages
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Page 194 - It is an enarthrodial joint, formed by the head of the humerus and the glenoid cavity of the scapula. It...
Page 1 - MEDICAL LEXICON; a Dictionary of Medical Science, containing a concise Explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence, &c.
Page 362 - Boil them to a proper thickness ; then add a quarter of a pound of sugar, and two spoonfuls of yeast. Set the whole in a warm place near the fire for six or eight weeks, then place it in the open air, until it become a syrup ; lastly, decant, filter, bottle it up, adding a little sugar to each bottle. " The above ingredients, agreeably to the experiments of a scientific friend, ought to yield, when properly made, about two pints of the strained liquor...
Page 210 - SENTIMENTS. 10. Self-esteem. 11. Love of approbation. 12. Cautiousness. 13. Benevolence. 14. Veneration. 15. Firmness. 16. Conscientiousness 17. Hope. 18. Wonder. 19. Ideality. 1 9«.
Page 321 - Take of sulphate of zinc, carbonate of sodium, each twelve troy ounces ; water, eight pints. Dissolve the salts separately, with the aid of heat, each in four pints of the water. Then mix the solutions, and, having stirred the mixture, set it by that the precipitate may subside. Lastly, having poured off the supernatant liquid, wash the precipitate with hot water until the washings are nearly tasteless, and dry it with a gentle heat.
Page 122 - Rumbling in the intestines, caused by flatus or wind. BRONCHIA ; BRONCHI. The tubes into which the trachea or windpipe divides. BRONCHITIS. Inflammation of the ramifications of the windpipe. BULIMY ; BULIMIA. Canine, or excessive hunger. CADAVEROUS. Resembling, a corpse.
Page 241 - The bandages are soaked in a solution, in water, of the dextrine — previously moistened thoroughly with tincture of camphor, to prevent it from leaking when the water is added. The solution should be of the consistence of molasses. DI, Si,Sif, 'bis, twice, double.' Hence, Dicrotus, Digattricui, &c. D1A, dm, in composition, 'through, asunder, out of, separated.
Page 7 - The object of the author from the outset has not been to make the work a mere lexicon or dictionary of terms, but to afford, under each, a condensed view of its various medical relation?, and thus to render the work an epitome of the existing condition of medical science.
Page 342 - Reservoir de la bile. A membranous, pyriform reservoir, lodged in a superficial depression at the inferior surface of the right lobe of the liver. It receives, by the hepatic and cystic ducts, a portion of the bile secreted by the liver, when the stomach is empty, which becomes in it more acrid, bitter, and thick. It receives an artery called the rystic.
Page 194 - Scrofula, phthisis pnlmonalis, and cancer, have, by some, been esteemed contagious, but apparently without foundation. Physicians are, indeed, by no means unanimous in deciding what diseases are contagious, and what not. The contagion of plague and typhus, especially of the latter, is denied by many. It seems probable, that a disease may be contagious under certain circumstances, and not under others. A case of common fever, arising from common causes, as from cold, if the patient be kept in a close,...

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