Nine Kinds of Naughty

Front Cover
Grand Central Publishing, 2017 - FICTION|Romance|Contemporary|
""A must-read ... lyrical, stunningly sexy, and brings swoons for days."--CHRISTINA LAUREN on Seven Nights to Surrender--NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK Lexie Bellamy can handle a boardroom. Relationships, however, are a minefield that always blow up. When a business trip takes her to Spain, Lexie knows she'll have no problem closing the deal. But spending uninterrupted one-on-one time with her crazy-hot coworker might be more than she can take. At the office, Lexie gets to call the shots. But this trip is the perfect opportunity for Dane Huntley to show his gorgeous boss how good it can feel when someone else takes charge. Miles away from home, giving in to Dane's naughty commands feels so easy. But when the trip is over, Lexie's determined to go back to their professional relationship. Dane, though, has other ideas. He'll have to prove that what they've found together is real. and he has no intention of letting go. Previous Books: Seven Nights to Surrender ; Eight Ways to Ecstasy"--

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