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I enjoyed this book. It was very well written and clever. However, having seen the movie first, my opinion is a little skewed. The movie was more enjoyable, especially in the ending, and the
detail of some adventures. If you don't read this book expecting the experience received from the film, you will enjoy it. Otherwise you might end up like me and feel the book was lacking in some way, but certainly not in quality. 

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**Spoilers ahead**
I picked up this book because I liked the movie quite a bit and I wanted to see what the book would do to the backstory and how it might change my opinion of the movie. After
reading through this book, I kept waiting for it to contain any character growth. I was very disappointed in it. I will acknowledge that the way the book fleshes out the land of Faerie is better than the treatment it gets in the movie. However I don't feel that the characters really were worth following. I don't see how the story evolves between Tristan and Yvaine and turns into the eventual love story that it turns into. His mother seems shallow and callous. I don't feel like the rivalry for the thrown is even worth mentioning as they are just travelers on the road. There isn't much of what I'd actually call conflict in the book because everyone seems to just give up in the end. I have no problem with the story ending the way that it does on kind of a melancholy note, but I just don't care enough about the characters from the story to care what happens to them. I am sad to just find this book an "ok" read, I really was hoping for a lot more from it. 

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I love this book. There are so many moments when I found myself wanting to highlight a passage to go back to later.

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