Illustrations of Universal Progress: A Series of Discussions

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D. Appleton, 1864 - Philosophy - 446 pages
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Page 395 - For by art is created that great LEVIATHAN called a COMMONWEALTH, or STATE, in Latin CIVITAS, which is but an artificial man ; though of greater stature and strength than the natural, for whose protection and defence it was intended, and in which the sovereignty is an artificial soul, as giving life and motion to the whole body ; the
Page 395 - and other officers of judicature and execution, artificial joints ; reward and punishment, by which, fastened to the seat of the sovereignty, every joint and member is moved to perform his duty, are the nerves, that do the same in
Page viii - Alike in the external and the internal worlds, the man of science sees himself in the midst of perpetual changes of which he can discover neither the beginning nor the end. If he looks inward, he perceives that both ends of the thread of consciousness are beyond his grasp.
Page 10 - It is alike true that, during the period in which the Earth has been peopled, the human organism has grown more heterogeneous among the civilized divisions of the species ; and that the species, as a whole, has been growing more heterogeneous in virtue of the multiplication of races and the differentiation of these races from each other.
Page xx - of life upon its surface, in the development of Society, of government, of manufactures, of commerce, of language, literature, science and art, this same advance from the simple to the complex, through successive
Page 453 - THE PUBLICATION OF MR. HERBERT SPENCER'S PHILOSOPHICAL WORKS. (By Subscription.) MR. HERBERT SPENCER proposes to issue, in periodical parts, a connected series of works which he has for several years been preparing. Some conception of the general aim and scope of this series may be gathered from the following Programme. FIRST
Page 453 - a step farther the doctrine put into shape by Hamilton and Mansel; pointing out the various directions in which Science leads to the same conclusions ; and showing that in this united belief in an Absolute that transcends not only human knowledge but human conception, lies the only possible reconciliation of Science and Religion. II. LAWS OF THE
Page 141 - it not indeed follow from the familiarly admitted fact, that mental advance is from the concrete to the abstract, from the particular to the general, that the universal and therefore most simple truths are the last to be discovered ? Is not the government of the solar system by a force varying inversely as the square of the distance, a simpler conception than any that preceded it
Page 456 - by Biology, Psychology, and Sociology, which underlie a true theory of right living : in other words, the elements of that equilibrium between constitution and conditions of existence, which is at once the moral ideal and the limit towards which we are progressing. II. THE INDUCTIONS
Page 454 - INDUCTIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY.—A digest of such generalizations respecting mental phenomena as have already been empirically established. III. GENERAL SYNTHESIS.—A republication, with additional chapters, of the same part in the already-published Principles of Psychology. IV. SPECIAL SYNTHESIS.—A republication, with extensive revisions and additions, of the same part,

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