The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, Volume 18

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Luther Tucker, 1863 - Gardening

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Page 342 - merges in the more general one, what becomes of motion ? And the answer, on dynamical principles, is, that it continues forever. No motion is, strictly speaking, annihilated ; but it may be divided, and the divided parts made to oppose, and, in effect, destroy one another.
Page 305 - this subject. In the Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis, vol. ii., 1863, Dr. Engleman, the President, describes two species of Fungi destructive to vineyards, (p. 165.) I add an abstract of Dr. Engleman's short note on this
Page 333 - It is the duty of teachers, as well as parents and school committees, to see that the circumstances under which children study are such as shall leave a happy impression upon their minds ; for whatever is brought under the frequent observation of the young must have its influence upon their susceptible natures for good or evil. Shabby school-houses induce slovenly habits.
Page 216 - their story, And dared to trust you with their glory; And now their hope of fame achieved, Dear volumes! you have not deceived!
Page 283 - graceful and elegant. This tree is one of the noblest in the size of its trunk, while the branches are comparatively tapering and slender, forming themselves, in most of the species, into long and graceful curves. The
Page 35 - If not, what were his orders on leaving? The Commission is prepared also to furnish more specific information as to the .condition of any patient in the District hospitals, within twenty-four hours after a request to do so, from an officer of any of its corresponding societies. " The office of the Directory will
Page 325 - and fabrics prepared by them, to be accompanied, in all cases, by precise statements as to the various processes, and with estimates as to the probable expense per pound of the preparation of the material, and of the proportion of
Page 270 - is all that can be desired. This grape may be valued in England, where we have so many fine kinds, and most certainly will be highly prized in the united States of America. A few years ago I was
Page 35 - City ? 2d. If so, what is his proper address ? 3d. What is the name of the Surgeon or Chaplain of the hospital ? 4th. If not in hospital at present, has he recently been in hospital? 5th. If so, did he die in hospital, and at what date ? 6th. If recently discharged from hospital, was he discharged from service
Page 225 - Grape Culture, Wines and Wine-making, with Notes upon Agriculture and Horticulture. By A. Haraszthy, Commissioner to report on the Improvement and Culture of the Vine in California. With numerous Illustrations. New York : Harper

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