In Our Town

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Grosset & Dunlap, 1906 - 369 pages
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Page 376 - By Margaret Deland. Illustrated by Lucius Hitchcock. Mrs. Deland won so many friends through Old Chester Tales that this volume needs no introduction beyond its title. The lovable doctor is more ripened in this later book, and the simple comedies and tragedies of the old village are told with dramatic charm. OLD CHESTER TALES. By Margaret Deland. Illustrated by Howard Pyle. Stories portraying with delightful humor and pathos a quaint people in a sleepy old town. Dr. Lavendar, a very human and lovable...
Page 377 - Eben," the hero, is a bachelor with an imagination that is a very wilderness of oddities. SILAS STRONG: Emperor of the Woods. A simple account of one summer life, as it was lived in a part of the Adirondack^.
Page 270 - JUST for a handful of silver he left us, Just for a riband to stick in his coat — Found the one gift of which fortune bereft us, Lost all the others she lets us devote ; They, with the gold to give, doled him out silver, So much was theirs who so little allowed : How all our copper had gone for his service ! Rags — were they purple, his heart had been proud...
Page 373 - An entertaining book with both a story and a moral, and •without a dull page — Mr. Wells's most notable achievement. A HUSBAND BY PROXY. By Jack Steele. A young criminologist, but recently arrived in New York city, is drawn into a mystery, partly through financial need and partly through his interest in a beautiful woman, who seems at times the simplest child and again a perfect mistress of intrigue. A baffling detective story. LIKE ANOTHER HELEN. By George Horton. Illustrated by CM Relyea. Mr.
Page 376 - THE YOKE. By Elizabeth Miller. Against the historical background of the days when the children of Israel were delivered from the bondage of Egypt, the author has sketched a romance of compelling charm. A biblical novel as great as any since " Ben Hur." SAUL OF TARSUS. By Elizabeth Miller. Illustrated by Andre" Castaigne. The scenes of this story are laid in Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome and Damascus. The Apostle Paul, the Martyr Stephen, Herod Agrippa and the Emperors Tiberius and Caligula are among...
Page 374 - Against the familiar background of American town life, the author portrays a group of people strangely involved in a mystery. " Doc." Gordon, the one physician of the place, Dr. Elliot, his assistant, a beautiful woman and her altogether charming daughter are all involved in the plot. A novel of great interest, HOLY ORDERS. By Marie Corelli. A dramatic story, in which is pictured a clergyman in touch with society people, stage favorites, simple village folk, powerful financiers and others, each presenting...
Page 372 - BREWSTER'S MILLIONS. A young man is required to spend one million dollars in one year in order to inherit seven. How he does it forms the basis of a lively story. CASTLE CRANEYCROW. The story revolves round the abduction of a young American woman, her imprisonment in an old castle and the adventures created through her rescue. COWARDICE COURT. An amusing social feud in the Adirondacks in which an English girl is tempted into being a traitor by a romantic young American, forms the plot. THE DAUGHTER...
Page 375 - A gay young lord wins in love against his selfish and cowardly brother and apparently against fate itself. BY INHERITANCE. By Octave Thanet. Illustrated by Thomas Fogarty. Elaborate wrapper in colors. A wealthy New England spinster with the most elaborate plans for the education of the negro goes to visit her nephew in Arkansas, where she learns the needs of the colored race first hand and begins to lose her theories.
Page 372 - THE MAN FROM BRODNEY'S. The hero meets a princess in a far-away island among fanatically hostile Musselmen. Romantic love making amid amusing situations and exciting adventures. NEDRA. A young couple elope from Chicago to go to London traveling as brother and sister.
Page 373 - Mr. Horton s powerful romance stands in a new field and brings an almost unknown world in reality before the reader — the world of conflict between Greek and Turk on the Island of Crete. The " Helen" of the story is a Greek, beautiful, desolate, defiant — pure as snow.

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