A First Latin Writer

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American Book Company, 1904 - Latin language - 145 pages

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Page 124 - A Relative pronoun agrees with its Antecedent in gender and number, but its case depends on the construction of the clause in which it stands ( 198).
Page 102 - EG II. 32 INDIRECT: dicit se id quod in Nerviis fecerit, facturum esse, he says that he will do that which lie did in (the case of) the Nervii dixit se id quod in Nerviis fecisset, facturum esse, he said that he would do that which he had done in (the case of) the Nervii DIRECT: veremur angustias itineris quae intercedunt, we fear the difficulties of the way which intervene, cf. BGI 39 INDIRECT: dicunt se vereri angustias itineris quae intercedant, they...
Page 113 - Many verbs compounded with ad, ante, con, in, inter, ob, post, prae, pro, sub, super, and some with circum, admit the Dative of the indirect object ( 370).

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