Firefox For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, May 9, 2011 - Computers - 384 pages
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  • Firefox For Dummies gives you the inside scoop on the exciting new browser from the Web wizard that got it started. The book's author, Blake Ross, began developing Firefox as a teenager. Once available to the world, the simple and powerful tool was an instant hit claiming a sizable share of the Web browser market with over 140 million downloads.
  • In this book Blake not only gives you the lowdown on how to use Firefox for safe Web searching, but he also shares his insight into how the product came to life. It's a combination of practical tech insight and a good story that is rare in computer books.
  • Topics covered include downloading and installing Firefox, creating a home page, searching with Google, creating customized themes and toolbars, using tabbed browsing, downloading and saving files, maintaining security and privacy, eliminating annoying popups, and adding Firefox extensions.

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User Review  - Tank406 - Walmart

I have decided that I don't want to use Internet Explorer and longer. Firefox is great. This book is an easy way to learn about the browser. Read full review


Bypassing the Clear Private Data window
Clearing private data when Firefox closes
Working OneonOne with Your Data
Erasing your browsing history
Keeping your saved passwords safe
Tidying up your download history
Sweeping up your cookie crumbs
Clearing your cache

Firefox is developed by people who care
Chapter 2
Looking for links
Feeling at home with Web addresses
The Back Forward Reload and Stop commands
Using the Firefox Interface
The toolbars
The Find Bar
Chapter 3
Downloading Firefox
Using a Firefox CD
Installing Firefox with the Setup Wizard
Switching from Internet Explorer
Terminology differences
Keyboard shortcut differences
Reporting Broken Web Sites
Part II
Chapter 4
Searching from the default Firefox home page
Searching from the Search Box
Searching from the Location Bar
Finding Text within a Page
Using the Find Bar
Moving among multiple Find Bar results
Chapter 5
Creating a bookmark
Creating a bookmark that autoupdates
Opening a bookmark
Opening multiple bookmarks at once
Opening bookmarks with keywords
Opening bookmarks in a sidebar
Opening bookmarks in new windows or tabs
Organizing Your Bookmarks
Creating bookmark folders
Renaming bookmarks and folders
Sorting bookmarks
Creating separators
Importing after the initial launch
Chapter 6
Going back and forth with the Back and Forward menus
Delving into LongTerm History
Browsing longterm history
Searching longterm history
Cleaning up longterm history
Extending shortening or disabling longterm history
Chapter 7
Opening a new site in a new tab
Navigating among Web sites in tabs
Rearranging tabs
Tweaking tabs
Theres no place like home pages
Opening multiple bookmarks simultaneously
Bookmarking open tabs
Put that on my tab
Chapter 8
Clearing saved form information
Turning off automatic form filling
Saving Login Information for Fast Access to Web Sites
Using a Master Password
Viewing and clearing saved login info with the Password Manager
Chapter 9
Viewing Blocked Popup Windows
Opening blocked popup windows
Chapter 10
Installing Thunderbird
Receiving Reading and Searching EMail
Reading email
Searching email
Composing EMails
Addressing emails
Specifying an email subject
Attaching files
Sending your email
Blocking Junk Mail
Marking emails as junk mail
Configuring automatic junk mail handling
Chapter 11
Downloading Music Pictures and Other Files
Bypassing the download decision window
Changing the default download location
Plugging along with plugins
Overriding default actions with Save Link
Saving Web Sites
Using the Download Manager
Exploring the Download Manager
Clearing your download history
Chapter 12
Using Print Preview
Changing the scale of the page
Changing the orientation of the page
Printing background colors and images
Configuring Print Options and Printing a Web Site
Choosing which parts of a page to print
Printing multiple copies of a page
Changing page size and other printerspecific options
Chapter 13
Browsing the Table of Contents
Getting Help on the Web
Finding help documents online
Emailing Blake
Part III
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Dont get hooked
Phending off pharming
Protecting your password
Using the PwdHash Extension
Using PwdHash every day
Configuring PwdHash
Preventing Spyware and Viruses
Acquiring additional software protection
Staying UptoDate
Monitoring new developments
Part IV
Chapter 16
Using the Options Window
Oodles of Options
The Privacy category
The Content category
The Tabs category
The Advanced category
Chapter 17
Ensuring Theme Compatibility
Installing and Applying Themes
Updating Themes
Troubleshooting Themes
Chapter 18
Adding items to the toolbar
Rearranging toolbar items
Removing toolbar items
Spacing out
Using the special Bookmarks Toolbar Items item
Hiding toolbars temporarily
Changing the Appearance of Your Toolbar Buttons
Restoring the Default Configuration
Chapter 19
Resizing text permanently
Changing Web Site Colors
Changing How Firefox Displays Images
Turning off image autoshrinking
Viewing Web Sites in Full Screen Mode
Chapter 20
Finding Great Extensions
Ensuring Extension Compatibility
Installing Extensions
Installing from another site
Using Extensions
Managing Your Extensions
Updating extensions
Part V
Chapter 21
Stopping Annoying Web Sites in Their Tracks
Making Your Privacy a OneButton Affair
The Baby Extensions
A Home for Every Occasion
Enjoying a Speedier Search
Feng Shui for Your Toolbars
Not Just for Scrolling
Chapter 22
Gaining Peace of Mind with SessionSaver
StumbleUpon the Webs Best Secrets
Kissing Ads Goodbye with AdBlock
A New Way to Surf with Mouse Gestures
Playing Music without Leaving Firefox
The Web Your Way with Greasemonkey
Managing Bookmarks More Efficiently
Keeping an Eye on Your Downloads
Making the Worlds Largest Scrapbook
Honey I Shrunk the Link
Appendix A
New Window
Open Location
Close Window
Send Link
Select All
Status Bar
Page Style
Character Encoding
Bookmark This Page
Web Search
Read Mail
The Help Menu
Check for Updates
Appendix B
Tabbed Browsing
Text Editing and Selection
Searching the Web
Loading Web Addresses
Opening and Closing Windows and Sidebars
Appendix C
Getting to the Good Stuff
Loading a link in a new tab
Downloading a file
Customizing your toolbars

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About the author (2011)

Blake Ross discovered computers when he was 4 and hasn’t had time to eat since then. He began working at Netscape at 14 and cofounded the Firefox project two years later to make the Web easy to use for plain old human beings. He also cofounded the community evangelism project, which has changed the face of software marketing and distribution. Blake was featured on the cover of Wired Magazine in early 2005, and he has since been featured in dozens of international publications and television shows to promote computing simplicity. He is on leave from Stanford University, where he is an undergraduate.
Blake is currently working on a new project with some of the original Firefox team. If you enjoy Firefox, you’ll enjoy what’s coming next, so sign up at to hear when it launches.

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