Robert Coe, Puritan: His Ancestors and Descendants, 1340-1910, with Notices of Other Coe Families

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private circulation, 1911 - 654 pages

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Thank you for making this available online!

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Great book but only if your a decedent of Robert Coe, like me .

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Page 64 - What sought they thus afar? Bright jewels of the mine? The wealth of seas, the spoils of war? — They sought a faith's pure shrine. Ay, call it holy ground, — The soil where first they trod! They have left unstained what there they found — Freedom to worship God ! Felicia Hemans.
Page 171 - THOU God of love, thou ever blest, Pity my suffering state ; When wilt thou set my soul at rest, From lips that love deceit? 2 Hard lot of mine ! my days are cast Among the sons of strife, Whose never-ceasing quarrels waste My golden hours of life.
Page 171 - Hard lot of mine ! my days are cast Among the sons of strife, Whose never-ceasing quarrels waste My golden hours of life. 3 O ! might I fly to change my place, How would I choose to dwell In some wide, lonesome wilderness, And leave these gates of hell ! 4 Peace is the blessing that I seek ; How lovely are its charms ! I am for peace ; but when I speak, They all declare for arms.
Page 3 - Norman invaders comprised but one-sixth of the population, the establishment of the feudal system securely founded a powerful Norman landed aristocracy, which by the custom of primogeniture has endured over eight centuries. For a few generations after the Norman conquest there was a sharp caste distinction between the Normans and Anglo-Saxons; but gradually a welding together of the general mass of the population took place, and from the great numerical preponderance of the Anglo-Saxons their tongue...
Page 4 - But to secure religious freedom was not the sole cause of this epochal emigration; most of the land in England was owned by a small landed class, descended from the Norman feudal nobility and manorial lords, of whom the yeomen were obliged to take leases at high rentals; a corrupt and incompetent government and profligate court had brought the country to great industrial distress, poverty among the masses, and crushing taxation, including the obnoxious ship-money tax; and the spirit of democracy...
Page 4 - ... temporarily restored and an attempt was made to crush out Protestantism; the dungeons were crowded with victims and nearly three hundred martyrs endured the frightful doom of the stake in their devotion to their belief. But on the accession of Elizabeth in 1558 the Protestant religion was permanently restored to power, the Catholics dwindled in numbers, and an era of great prosperity for England set in. During the latter half of the reign of Elizabeth (1558-1603) there grew and spread among some...
Page 3 - England was a homogeneous race amalgamated in the course of centuries from several races which in the remote past successively invaded and overspread the country. A thousand years before Christ, the ancient Iberian aborigines of the Stone Age in England were overwhelmed by the Celtic Britons, the vanguard of the Aryan invasion of Central Europe, who overran and populated the country. During the first four centuries of the Christian era the Britons were under the military sway of Imperial Rome, although...
Page 3 - AD 1066 nearly three-fourths of the blood of the two million population was Anglo-Saxon. In this year the Norman conquest extinguished the rule of the Anglo-Saxons in England and stripped them of all ownership of the land, reducing them to artisans, laborers, and serfs of the soil; and although the Norman invaders comprised...
Page 232 - Harbor; he was a soldier in the Civil War and was killed at the battle of Cold Harbor.
Page 135 - Presbytery as early as 1781, and where he is listed in the US Census of 1790 as head of a family of one male over sixteen years, one male under sixteen years, and three females.

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