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Dr. Greear does a magnificent job of intertwining his academic study of church fathers, Christian theology, and Islamic theology, as well as his personal experiences living in a Muslim community in "Breaking the Islamic Code". The book is incredibly readable as JD uses common vernacular to explain deep and complex issues relating to what Muslims believe and how they can engage with the historical Jesus. Greear's stories and practical analogies help convey the similarities and differences in the two major monotheistic religions (Christianity and Islam) beyond the intellect. He shares key insights Christians should know as they engage with Muslims in topics such as Muslim felt needs, how the gospel can fulfill those needs and common misconceptions. Some highlights of the book I especially appreciated were the emphases of the bible and holy spirit in bringing people into his kingdom his approach of seeking transformation and renewal instead of "conversion". A novice or expert will find this book knowledgeable, enjoyable as well as challenging. A great read! 

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