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his is not a history book, rather it;'s a series of distortions about Davis.
For example, WC Davis makes sure you find out nothing about JD's role in killing sprees in KS, carried out - proudly
and loudly -- by his good friend David Rich Atchison, years before the Civil War.
Not one word -- not a syllable - about Davis appointing Atchison as "General of Law and Order" in Kansas, soon after Atchison left the US Senate, where he and Stephen A Douglas opened up Kansas to "voting" for or against slavery, via Kansas Nebraska Bill.
No sooner did Atchison get Kansas Bill passed, that he rushed to raise an army of thugs from Texas, took them to KS, invaded, killed and terrorized enough to set up whats commonly called "bogus legislature" now.
After which, Atchison, who said it was his joy to do so, spent over a year in Kansas killing and terrorzing, including his raid on Lawrence.
WE know it was Atchison who led the raid, because he bragged of it, in a speech everyone should read, and WC Davis no doubt did. Atchison bragged- bragged -he was there to kill and terrorize, in order to stop those --by death, arrest, or fear -- who even SPOKE against slavery.
Furthermore, WC Davis knows well that JD entire focus, for years, was the violent spread of slavery, and if that didn't work, try more violence, and if that failed, try a war.
A perfect example of WC's deception is the capture of Davis -- WC knows well that Varina Davis, his wife, wrote a 20 page letter detailing his cowardice. And he knows JD nephew wrote about Davis running away as a woman. Also, WC Davis knows that JD claimed, despite his cowardice, to be heroic.
In other words, WC Davis is not so much an historian, as he is a myth repeater.

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