Latin and Teutonic Christendom: An Historical Sketch

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Longmans, Green & Company, 1870 - Church history - 257 pages
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Page 171 - The lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they who seek the Lord, shall want no manner of thing that is good.
Page 259 - The Tale of the Great Persian War, from the Histories of Herodotus. By GEORGE W. Cox, MA late Scholar of Trin. Coll.
Page 58 - Desire of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for thy possession.
Page 63 - Never in the history of man were the great eternal principles of justice, the faith of treaties, common humanity so trampled under foot as in the Albigensian war. Never was war waged in which ambition, the consciousness of strength, rapacity, implacable hatred, and pitiless cruelty played a greater part. And throughout the war it cannot be disguised that it was not merely the army of the Church, but the Church itself in arms. Papal legates and the greatest prelates headed the host, and mingled in...
Page 105 - Law, Freedom, Necessity, Body, Substance, Matter, Church, State, Revelation, Inspiration, Knowledge, Belief, are tossed about in the wars of words as if everybody knew what they meant, and as if everybody used them exactly in the same sense ; whereas most people, and particularly those who represent public opinion, pick up these complicated terms as children, beginning with the vaguest conceptions, adding to them from time to time, perhaps correcting likewise at haphazard some of their involuntary...
Page 186 - A conscientious and attentive examination of all the monastic peculiarities which can be discovered in his biography reveals absolutely nothing in respect to observances or obligations different from the rules borrowed by all the religious communities of the sixth century from the traditions of the Fathers of the Desert. Such an examination brings out distinctly, in the first place, the necessity for a vow...
Page 92 - Petra became silent and ruinous ; and the wild rovers of the desert took the place of the merchant princes, with their hand against every man and every man's hand against them.
Page 257 - ... undying truths. Teutonic Christianity (and this seems to be its mission and privilege), however nearly in its more perfect form it may already have approximated, may approximate still more closely to the absolute and perfect faith of Christ ; it may discover and establish the sublime unison of religion and reason ; keep in tone the triple-chorded harmony of faith, holiness, and charity ; assert its own full freedom, know the bounds of that freedom, respect the freedom of others. Christianity...
Page 245 - ... womb and have there died, or who, having been just born, have passed away from the world without the sacrament of holy baptism administered in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, must be punished by the eternal torture of undying fire...
Page 137 - A brother had fastened himself to a rock by a chain. ' If thou art really a servant of God,' said Benedict, ' restrain ' thyself not by a chain of iron but by the chain of Christ.

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