Denkwürdiger und nützlicher rheinischer antiquarius: welcher die wichtigsten und angenehmsten geographischen, historischen und politischen merkwürdigkeiten des ganzen Rheinstroms, von seinem ausflusse in das meer bis zu seinem ursprunge darstellt, Part 2, Volume 14

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Page 643 - Who is on my side? who? And there looked out to him two or three eunuchs. And he said, Throw her down. So they threw her down : and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses : and he trode her under foot.
Page 590 - If it is well for him," answered the dying man, " it matters the less for me." He never spoke again : but when, half an hour later, Lord Dunfermline and some other friends came to the spot, they thought that they could still discern some faint remains of life. The body, wrapped in two plaids, was carried to the Castle of Blair...
Page 678 - ... while all around him uncovered and bowed low, gave her a rude stare, and cocked his hat in her face. The affront was not only brutal, but cowardly. For the law had provided no punishment for mere impertinence, however gross ; and the King was the only gentleman and soldier in the kingdom who could not protect his wife from contumely with his sword. All that the Queen could do was to order the parkkeepers not to admit Sir John again within the gates. But, long after her death, a day came when...
Page 137 - C'est à Madame. — Mais là-bas, là-bas, un autre que je vois ? — C'est à Madame. — • Et ces forêts? — Elles sont à Madame. — Voilà une plaine d'une grande longueur. — Elle est à Madame. — Mais j'aperçois un beau château. — C'est Nicei, qui est à Madame, une terre considérable, qui appartenait aux anciens comtes de ce nom.
Page 642 - I was the happiest man on earth ; and I am the most miserable. She had no fault ; none : you knew her well : but you could not know, nobody but myself could know, her goodness.
Page 534 - You may go to prayers, Doctor. All is over." At that moment the wind changed : a soft breeze sprang up from the south: the mist dispersed: the sun shone forth; and under the mild light of an autumnal noon, the fleet turned back, passed round the lofty cape of Berry Head, and rode safe in the harbour of Torbay.
Page 137 - Madame ne se peut dispenser de recevoir des présents de tous les côtés; car que n'apporte-t-on point à Madame, pour lui marquer la sensible joie qu'on a d'être sous sa domination ? Tous les peuples des villages courent au-devant d'elle avec la flûte et le tambour : qui lui présente des gâteaux, qui des châtaignes, qui des noisettes, pendant que les cochons, les veaux, les moutons, les coqs d'Inde, les perdrix, tous les oiseaux de l'air et tous les poissons des rivières l'attendent au château.
Page 562 - James, with much less vivacity and good nature, was accessible, and, to people who did not cross him, civil. But of this sociableness William was entirely destitute. He seldom came forth from his closet; and, when he appeared in the public rooms, he stood among the crowd of courtiers and ladies, stern and abstracted, making no jest and smiling at none. His freezing look, his silence, the dry and concise answers...
Page 138 - ... les perdrix, tous les oiseaux de l'air et tous les poissons des rivières l'attendent au château. Voilà, Madame, une petite description de la grandeur de Madame; car on ne l'appelle pas autrement dans...
Page 590 - At the beginning of the action he had taken his place in front of his little band of cavalry. He bade them follow him. and rode forward. But it seemed to be decreed that, on that day, the Lowland Scotch should in both armies appear to disadvantage. The horse hesitated. Dundee turned round, stood up in his stirrups, and, waving his hat, invited them to come on. As he lifted his arm, his cuirass rose, and exposed the lower part of his left side.

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