Adventures on Ancient Continents

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iUniverse, Oct 16, 2007 - Juvenile Fiction
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"ADVENTURES ON ANCIENT CONTINENTS" is a descriptive, insightful book about Lemurians and Atlanteans who lived on ancient continents which existed long ago. Possible lifestyles, architecture, leadership roles, customs, beliefs, clothing and food of these ancient people on ancient continents are vividly mentioned. Their knowledge of medicine, languages, art, astronomy, mathematics, etc, was advanced. They may have been affected by outer space visitors who settled on Lemuria and Atlantis. Lemurians and Atlanteans may have lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years before they fell into perversion and disharmony.

Lemurians and Atlanteans no longer exist because of the fall within their civilizations. Severe cataclysms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes may have destroyed Lemuria and then Atlantis. We may be descendants of these ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans! Enjoy the enfolding adventures and events that take place in these dramatic encounters of ancient times and the people of Lemuria, Atlantis and other ancient continents and civilizations that existed after Lemuria and Atlantis.

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