Report on insanity and idiocy in Massachusetts

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W. White, Printer to the State, 1855 - 213 pages
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Page 173 - Resolved, That the state should make ample and suitable provision for all its insane, not in a condition to reside in private families. " Resolved, That no insane person should be treated, or in any way taken care of, in any county poor or alms-house, or other receptacle provided for, and in which paupers are maintained or supported.
Page 155 - Asylum any idiot, lunatic or person non compos mentis. who, in his opinion, is so furiously mad as to render it manifestly dangerous to the peace and safety of the community that he or she should be at large ; and also, in all such other cases provided by law.
Page 115 - When it shall be made to appear, on application made in writing to any two justices of the peace, one of whom shall be of the quorum, or...
Page 55 - They do not adapt the means which they possess or use to the ends which they desire to produce. Hence they are unsuccessful in life; their plans of obtaining subsistence for themselves or their families, or of accumulating property, often fail ; and they are consequently poor, and often paupers.
Page 52 - After making all due allowances, however, it cannot be questioned that insanity, as well as other diseases, may be traced, in many instances, more or less directly to poverty, which is justly regarded by the commissioners as something more than an incidental, outward circumstance. " Poverty is an inward principle, enrooted deeply within the man, and running through all his elements ; it reaches his body, his health, his intellect, and his moral powers, as well as his estate. In one or other of these...
Page 107 - Of any person, who by excessive drinking, or by gaming, idleness or debauchery of any kind, shall so spend, waste or lessen his estate as to expose himself or his family...
Page 109 - ... be inferred that persons of unsound mind, not being dangerous, may be legally kept in a workhouse. It must, however, be remembered, that with lunatics, the first object ought to be their cure, by means of proper medical treatment. This can only be obtained in a wellregulated asylum ; and therefore the detention of any curable lunatic in a workhouse is highly objectionable on the score both of humanity and economy.
Page 11 - Accordingly the Commission determined to address every physician in the State, asking each one to give information relative to the persons and condition of all the lunatics and idiots within his own knowledge. They sent a lithograph letter, stating the several objects of inquiry, and enclosed a printed schedule or form of return, which contained all the heads under which the answers were to be recorded. They asked for the name, sex, color, age, country of birth, whether single, married or...
Page 10 - To examine into the present condition of the State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, and ascertain what kind and amount of repairs are needed, and at what probable cost, and consider the expediency of disposing of the said Hospital and the lands connected therewith, or any part thereof, and of recommending a site for the erection of a new Hospital or Hospitals. " To report the estimated proceeds of the sale of the present Hospital and grounds therewith connected at Worcester, if they deem such a sale...
Page 9 - To ascertain the number and condition of the insane in the State, distinguishing as accurately as may be between the insane, properly so considered, and the idiotic or non compos ; between the furious and the harmless, curable and incurable, and between the native and the foreigner, and the number of each who are State paupers.

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