A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 15

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Reeves and Turner, 1876 - English drama - 6652 pages
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Page 410 - House, then a prison, where, having detained them some time, they plundered them of their clothes, and let 'em loose again. Afterwards, in Oliver's time, they used to act privately, three or four miles or more out of town, now here, now there; sometimes in noblemen's houses, in particular Holland House at Kensington, where the nobility and gentry who met (but in no great numbers) used to make a sum for them, each giving a broad piece, or the like.
Page 314 - He is a fool who thinks by force or skill To turn the current of a woman's will.
Page 409 - Royalists totally subdued, most of 'em who were left alive gathered to London, and for a subsistence endeavoured to revive their old trade privately. They made up one company out of all the scattered members of several, and in the winter before the King's murder, 1648, they ventured to act some plays, with as much caution and privacy as could be, at the Cockpit.
Page 409 - Taylor, and Pollard (who were superannuated) went into the king's army, and, like good men and true, served their old master, though in a different, yet more honourable capacity.
Page 430 - Fencers ; Bearwards ; common Players of Interludes, and Minstrels wandering abroad (other than Players of Interludes belonging to any Baron of this realm or any other honourable Personage of greater degree, to be authorised to play under the hand and seal of arms of such Baron or Personage) ; all...
Page 412 - Lane, where they first made use of scenes, which had been a little before introduced upon the publick stage by Sir William D'Avenant...
Page 415 - ... being acted with mighty state and reverence by the friars of this house, had theaters for the several! scenes, very large and high, placed upon wheels, and drawn to all the eminent parts of the city, for the better advantage of spectators : and contain'd the story of the New Testament, composed into old English Rithme, as appeareth by an ancient MS.
Page 3 - Straftbrd, and was most unconscientiously a prosecutor of Lord Clarendon. "With great parts, he always hurt himself and his friends ; with romantic bravery, he was always an unsuccessful commander. He spoke for the Test Act, though a Roman Catholic ; and addicted himself to astrology on the birthday of true philosophy.
Page 411 - ... then all that we could divert ourselves with were these humours and pieces of plays, which, passing under the name of a merry conceited fellow, called Bottom the Weaver, Simpleton the Smith, John Swabber, or some such title, were only allowed us, and that by stealth too, and under pretence of ropedancing, or the like...
Page 412 - Davenant, at the Duke's Old Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, but afterwards very much improved, with the addition of curious machines, by Mr Betterton, at the New Theatre in Dorset Garden, to the great expense and continual charge of the players.

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