Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions: Being a Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with Those of Heathen Nations of Antiquity, Considering Also Their Origin and Meaning

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Health Research, 1882 - Bible - 589 pages

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I found this book to be more than fascinating. My prime interest is the new testament, not the old, and virtually nothing of the contents of this book are ever discussed or referred to in a Christian church. (I was raised Presbyterian) And why would they discuss facts that lead to the creation of Jesus' life by those who thought he had to be equal to any god which preceded him? Hence the virgin birth, fear of the sacred child, 3 kings, maker of miracles and finally the resurrection...and more.
The book is not an easy read but it is revealing to such a degree that one cannot dismiss its content, if one, as a believer, has the guts to read it, or even skim it. Today we are seldom fooled by forgers. Those days were different, as Bart Ehrman repeatedly points out. Even Doane's research on Constantine is pretty thorough.
Oddly enough there is a NOVA special on Youtube that proves, through archeological findings, that the first books of the Old Testament about the creation and Moses, is all bogus. No baby in the reeds, no parting of the sea, no wandering for 40 was all made up by scribes. seer The Bible's Buried secrets....

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While a little out of date in some of its facts (it was written in 1882), this is one of the most well researched books I have read on the subject of tracing the origins of the biblical texts. Fascinating read.
Although you may be better finding the $1 version on Amazon that has been converted to digital text for actual reading purposes. But it is very nice to be able to view the original formatting.

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