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Awesome ending to an epic series.

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The Evolutionary Void
Excellent book

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A strong conclusion to a great series. I am a big fan of Peter F. Hamilton, and he's only getting better. The only complaint I've had against Hamilton's writing style in the past, his sometimes over-descriptive and over-used sex scenes, was refreshingly non-existent in this series. I have no problem with that kind of content, but it was a little too raunchy and too often for my taste in some of his previous works. I'm glad to see it was backed down here.
As always, his intricate plot and attention to detail impressed and pleased. Hamilton builds a completely believable universe with so many factors working together and against one another that it isn't until you're well in to one of his series' that you start to feel like you have a real understanding for the setting. That may initially sound like a detracting point, but it's far from it. The comprehension you gain for how technologies and politics work really bring you into the story in a way that a less detailed and complete world couldn't. It's his style of writing that makes the knowledge build up over time, rather than hit you with descriptions and explanations every time you see something new. The characters' thoughts and conversations fill in the details as the book progresses so the reader gains the experience of living with the information (how something works, or what some fancy gizmo does), first hand through that character rather than through a third party description.

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This space opera is a thick volume at almost seven-hundred pages which took a year and a half to complete. Started reading the trilogy at this, the finale. People can experience a different physics in dreams of the void at the center of the universe. The author said that the entire series was minutely plotted out five years ago before any were published. In terms of writing characters, Gore Burnelli was favorite, and Troblum the most unpredictable. The perspective is third person, except for use of an emotionally intimate first briefly for Inigo’s last dream. There are twelve chapters also containing sections for Justine and Inigo. 

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