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Warriors omen of the stars
This has been the best series that ive read like, ever!! I love erin hunter!!!!!

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it was ok
I have been reading these books sience the ver begining and to tell the truth i got tired of my friends spoiling for me and i stopped reading them because i was sick with all the death and
everything was dragging out and i didn't understand some of the plot and i barely finished tis book i got sick of it it wasn't a bad book it's just that the author dragged it out to long and it needed to end in like the last book of the power of three that's my only problem with it but otherwise it was a great book, very creative and well thought out. 

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Review: Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3: The Fourth Apprentice
I recieved this book of.yours for Christmas and it was AWESOME! I loved cats since I first started school, just saying.

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Another great installment of the warriors series
This wasnt the best one yet but it was still great. I was happy the jay feather actually got to fight!

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I havn't read this book yet so there is no spoilers in this review, but I need some help, I have searched all the bookstore i can access in New Zealand, can somebody help me find the book? and the seires before this, Power Of Three, the last book, If you can help Thanks

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