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An amazing collection: Eriugena's Periphyseon, plus the Areopagitic corpus in his translation, plus his translations from Maximus Confessor, plus Thomas Gallus'commentary on the Mystical theology (under the name of Eriugena -- its text is faulty, but can give a grasp on his theology), plus Eriugena's own commentary on the Celestial Hierarchy (with a big lacuna here, following some of the codices). Although there are newer and better editions for many of the texts (e.g. for the Periphyseon by Jeauneau, also for the Hier. Cael. commentary, and for the Corpus Dionysiacum), the Patrologia edition is a classical one, with its 2 cols, very convenient if one has to peruse extensive amounts of the text. Excellently readable on a 17" monitor. I gave 4 stars only because the scanning sometimes is wrong (e.g. in De divinis nomibus) and first words of the columns are too often lost.  

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