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“A copy of the record of any Ordinance or Resolution heretofore passed and recorded, or that may hereafter be passed, certified by the clerk and verified by the seal of the city, any copy thereof published in the official paper of the city or printed in the books containing the official proceedings of the City Council, or published in any compilation of Ordinances made under direction of the City Council, shall be prima facie evidence of the contents of such Ordinances and of the regularity and legality of all proceedings relating to the adoption and approval thereof, and shall be admitted as evidence in any court in this state without further proof."--Sec. 10,

Chapter 4, City Charter.

“All books and pamphlets published, or which may be published, purporting upon their title page to be published by the authority, order or direction of the City Council, and purporting to contain the Ordirances of said city, standing rules and order's of said City Council, or either, are hereby declared to be competent and prima facie evidence of the contents of such Ordinances, standing rules and orders, or any Resolutions or other matters purporting to be the act of said City Council, which may be found printed therein, and of the due and legal adoption, approval and publication thereof."-Sec. 2, Chap. 11, City Charter.



In 1838, Franklin Steele erected his claim shanty on the eastern shore of the Mississippi river, opposite the Falls of St. Anthony. Seven years later, or in 1845, the first permanent house was erected in St. Anthony by Pierre Bottineau. The same year the city of St. Anthony was incorporated, and Hon. H. T. Welles elected the first mayor.

In 1849 the west shore of the Mississippi at the falls was a military reservation, and hence settlement was not permitted. But at the session of congress of that year two ex-soldiers of the Mexican War-Hon. Robert Smith, of Illinois, and Col. John H. Stevens-were, by special act, allowed to make settlement on the reserve, and the former located his claim so as to take in the falls, while the latter built his house on the hillside where the union station now stands, and near the spot where the western end of the suspension bridge was to terminate four or five years afterwards, and where the steel arch bridge is now located.

In 1854 the act was passed and became a law, throwing open to settlement the reservation west of the Mississippi river and the “squatters” were allowed to purchase the lands upon which they had settled at the uniform government price of $1.25 per

At the election that year seventy-five votes were cast, and the population was estimated at two hundred. In the fall of the same year the town was christened, the name "Minneapolis” having been suggested by Mr. Charles Hoag, a gentleman who lived to a ripe old age in the vicinity of this city, dying in March, 1988.

In 1854 the city of Minneapolis (west division) was platted, and before the close of that year boasted of a permanent population of 1,000 people. In 1857 the population had increased to about 2,000, and there was a tremendous rivalry between the two hamlets—St. Anthony and Minneapolis. In 1858 Minneapolis was vested with its first town or village government, but did not assume the responsibility of a full grown municipality until 1867. Minneapolis and St. Anthony

rivals for commercial and manufacturing supremacy for more than twenty years, but finally in 1873 joined their fortunes under one name and one municipal government, and have since been known to the world as the progressive city of Minneapolis, with an area of fifty-three square miles, or 33,920 acres, and with a population in 1900 of 202,718.



Summary City Officers, 1881 to 1905.


Elected April 5, Elected April 4,

1881-Roman. 1882-Roman.
Hold overs in Hold overs in


Elected April 3.

Hold overs in

Elected April 1,

Hold overs in

° City Engineer.: Andrew Rinker.: Andrew Rinker: Andrew Rinker::


A.C. Rand ..... A. A. Ames. A. A. Ames.. Geo. A. Pillsbury.
Comptroller.. Wm. B. Hill..... Wm. B. Hill... Wm. B. Hill.

Sam. Goodnow.
City Treasurer.. T. J. Buxton.... T. 5. Buxton.. T. J. Buxton.. T. 7. Buxton.
City Clerk. Selah Mathews.. Selah Mathews... Selah Mathews.. Selah Mathews.

Judson N. Cross.

Andrew Rinker.
Ald. ist ward.....,M. W. Glenn..... Anton Grethen... B. F. Nelson.

M. W. Glenn.
Anton Grethen...B. F. Nelson .... W. W. Glenn.

E. F. Comstock.
B. F. Nelson.... M. W. Glenn.... E. F. Comstock John Fleetham.
Ald. 2d ward 7. H. Gilmore... W. M. Borrows.. T. F. Andrews. C. A. Coe.
W. M. Barrows. T. F. Andrews... C. A. Coe...

E. M. Johnson.
T. F. Andrews.. C. A. Coe.. E. M. Johnson. F. C. Barrows.
Ald. 3d ward 7. W. Anderson. Mathias Kees.... Daniel Waitt. E. Eichhorn. (
Mathias Kees.... Daniel Waitt.... E. Eichhorn.

Chas. Hashow.
Daniel Waitt...

E. Eichhorn...... Chas Hashow.. Robert Pratt.
Ald. 4th ward...... Frank Beebe.. F. S. Gilson... G. S. Cleveland. H. C. Morse.
F. S. Gilson. G. S. Cleveland. H. C. Morse. F. L. Greenleaf.

Emerson Cole.
G. S. Cleveland.. Henry C. Morse.. F. L. Greenleaf. William W. Sly.
Ald. 5th ward...... 7. M. Parker.... Fred L. Smith... C. W. Clark.. S. C. Cutter,

Fred. L. Smith. C. W. Clark ... Fas. M. Parker.. Fas. M. Parker.

C. W. Clark.. Jas, M. Parker.. "*G. A. Pillsbury. C. W. Clark.
Ald. 6th ward...... Foseph Holscher Matt Walsh.. A. C. Haugan:

Foseph Holscher.
Matt Walsh. A. C. Haugan... Joseph Holscher... Matthew Walsh.

A. C. Haugan... Jos. Holscher Matthew Walsh. A.C. Haugan.

N. H Roberts (2). N. H. Rolerts.

A. Noerenberg (3)... A. 7. Noerenberg.
Ai Sth ward

S. P. Channel (2) SS. P: Channel.

Geo. 17. Coolc;.

A. Lawrence (3). Albert Lawrence.
Aid. Ith ward..

Ald. 10th ward

Ald. 11th ward ....

Ald. 12th ward

Ald. 13th ward ....

Summary City Officers, 1881 to 1905. Continued.

Elected April 7. Elected April 6,

1895-Roman. 1886-Roman. Hold overs in Hold overs in Italics.


Elected April 5,

1887-Roman. Hold ovcrs in Italics.

Elected Nov. 6,


Elected Nov. 4,

1890-Roman. Hold overs in Italics.

Geo. A. Pillsbury A. A. Ames..... A. A. Ames... E. C. Babb... Philip B. Winston.
Sam. Goodnow... F. G. Holbrook... F. G. Holbrook.. John F. Calderw'd Solon Armstrong.
E. H. Moulton... E. H. Moulton...E. H. Moulton. E. H. Moulton..... Krist'n Kortga'rd.
Selah Mathews.. Selah Mathews...C. A. Cornman.. CHAS. F. HANEY... CHAS. F. HANEY.
Judson N. Cross. Judson N. Cross Seagrave Smith... RoBt. D. RUSSELL ROBt. D. RUSSELL
Andrew Rinker.. Andrew Rinker .. Andrew Rinker.. ANDREW RINKER.. ANDREW RINKER.
E. F. Comstock.. john Fleetham.. Titus Mareck.. J. T. McGowan (4) Jos. Ingenhutt (4).
John Fleetham.. itus Mareck....E.F. L'Herault.. J. Ingenhutt (2)... 7. T. McGowan, (2
Titus Mareck ... ).. J. L'Herault.. c. A. Hanscom .. F. Bruesha ber Jr 2
E. M. Johnson.. F. C. Barrows

D. M. Clough.

E. M. Johnson (4). J. C. Haynes (4) F. C. Barrows.. D. M. Clough.... E. M. Johnson C. Barrows (2).. F. C. Barrows (2) D. M. Clough....E.M. Johnson... F. C. Barrows. V. M. Smith (2) Chas. Hashow... Robert Pratt.... W. H. Mills.. G. A. Durnam (4) Jos. L. Kiichli (4) Robert Pratt... E. Eichhorn (a). John A. Gilman... C. P. Engstad (2). Geo. A. Durnam. E. Eichhorn... W. H. Mills... Wm. McArdle. J. A. Gilman (2). Emerson Cole... W. W. Sly

H. C. Morse. E. G. Potter (4!.... E. G. Potter. W. W. Sly..

H. C. Morse. B. Cloutier. Emerson Cole (2) .. Sam'1 B. Loye (4) H. C. Morse. B. Cloutier.. Emerson Cole. S. B. Loye (2) S. C. Cutter. C. W. Clark. Thos. Downs. C. P. Lovell (4). Chas. P. Lovell. C. W. Clark. Thos. Downs. Alonzo Phillips. H. W. Brazie (2) H. W. Brazie (4). Thomas Downs.. ) Alonzo Phillips. . C. W: Clark. Thos. Downs (2) Matthew Walsh... A. C. Haugan... Jacob Stoft... Sam'i Hunter (4).. Sam'l Hunter A. C. Haugan... L. Swenson (b)..J. M. Gleason. C. Ellingsen (2) Lars M. Rand (4). Lars Swenson. Jacob Stoft.. Clar. Johnson.. J. A. Swanson (2). A. 7. Noerenberg Phineas Phelps.. E. T. Gibson.. J. H. Parry (4) 7. H. Parry. Phin's Phelps (2) E. T. Gibson... Thos. P. Dwyer.... J. M. Meloy (2) M. B. Rollins (40) E. T. Gibson (3). Thos. P. Dwyer. A. J. Noerenberg.. Ole P. Flaten (2).. A. Lawrence. E. C. Babb. Geo. W. Cooley. Melvin Grimes (4). Melvin Grimes.

G. W. Flanders (4)
E. C. Babb (2).. Geo. W. Cooley. A. Lawrence. J. C. Sterling (2).
G. W. Cooley (3). A. Lawrence. 0. A. Stoneman. D.G.Thompson (02)

Robert Ervin. J. H. Bradish (4).-17. H. Bradish.
John Kerr.

Erik Rhode (2). J. J. McGuire (4).
Herman Vogt.. Herman Vogt (2)..
Vincent Reeves.. Vincent Reeves (4) Vincent Reeves.
Henry Oswald. W. J. Bursell (2). F. A. Schwartz (4).

B. H. Billings (2)..
Lars Swenson. J. A. Blichfeldt (4). 7. A. Blichfeldt.
J. D. Muldoon. J. W. Phillips (2).. Wm. H. Lackey (4)
J. L. Johnson. 0. A. Fultz, (2),.
Caleb Tingley W.B. Woodward (d2 W. B.Woodw'rd (d)
J. L. Parker. J. E. Vandew'er (2) Geo. Peterson (4).

A. S. Adams (2)..
C. C. Garvey D.D. Farnsworth(4\D. D. Farnsworth.
A.F. Nichols. G, H. Warren (2)..

J. S. Gray (2). J. S. Gray (4).

*Elected Mayor April 1, 1884; resigned as alderman of Filth ward April 2, 1884. Resigned Feb. 25, 1884. Elected March 15, 1884. $Resigned Feb. 27, 1884. Elected March 15, 1884. (Elected at special election held April 19, 1884, to fill vacancy

occasioned by the resignation of Geo. A. Pillsbury. la) Resigned March 10, 1887, to take effect March 25, 1987. (6) By act of legislature transferred to Eleventh ward for the unexpired part of his term. (c) Died Aug. 18, 1889, and Dr. F. E. Hansen elected Sept. 10, 1889, to fill the unexpired term of D.G. Thompson. (d) By act of legislature changing boundary lines of the Seventh and Twelfth wards, Wm. B. Woodward was made to represent the Seventh ward and M. B. Roilins to represent the Twelfth ward. Figures in parentheses, after names, thus (2), denotes the numrer of years in term. By an

act of legislature the term of all city officers holding over, and I those elected April 5, 1887, expired on the first Monday in January, 1889. Terms of all oficers elected Nov. 6, 1888, to commence on the first Monday in Jaruary, 1889. le) City Clerk, City Engineer and City Attorney are appointed by the City Council for two years. Summary City Officers, 1881 to 1905.-Continued.


Elected Nov. 8, 1892—

Roman. Hold-overs in Italics.

Elected Nov. 6, 1894–

Roman. Hold-overs in Italics.

Elected Nov. 3, 1896—

Roman. Hold-overs in Italics..


Willi3.m II. Lustis. Comptroller

Wallace G. Nye.. City Treasurer.. A.C. Haugan. City Clerk.

Chas. F. Haney. City Attorney.

David F.Simpson. | City Engineer

F. W. Cappelen... Aid. 1st ward... Perry A. Long (4)

Fos. Ingenhutt (2) Ald. 2d ward. Fred. B. Snyder (1)

Fas. C. Haynes (2) Aid. 3d ward...... Hugh Jennings (1)

Fos. L. Kiichli (2 Ald. 4th ward..... Sam. E. Adams (4)

S. B. Loye (2) Ald. 5th ward..

F. C. Harvey (4)

H. W. Brazic (2) Ald. 6th ward..... Andrew Anderson (4)

Lars M. Rand (2) Ald. 7th ward..... J. A. Nordeen (1)

W. B. Woodward (2) Ald. 8th ward.... Julius E. Miner (4)

Geo. W. Flanders (2) Ald. 9th ward..... Jas. H. Bradish (1)..

John 7. McGuire (2) Ald. 10th ward.... P. W. McAllister (4)

Fred A. Schwartz (2) Ald. 11th ward.... A. L. Skoog (4)

Wm. H. Lackey (2) Ald. 12th ward.... V. B. Rollins (2)

Geo. Peterson (2) Ald. 13th ward... Albert Currier (1)

Fames S. Gray Q

Robert Pratt. Wallace G. Nye. A. C. Haugan. Chas. F. Haney. David F. Simpson. F. W. Cappelen. Roman Alexander (4). Perry A. Long (2). Burke F. O'Brien (4). Fred B. Snyder (2). Geo. A. Durnam (4). Hugh Jennings (2). S. B. Loye (4). Sam. E. Adams (2). Wyman Elliot (4). F. C. Harvey (2). Lars M. Rand (4). Andrew Anderson (2). Norman I. Colburn (4). 7. A. Nordeen (2). Seth. M. Hewett (4). Fulius E. Miner (2). Erik Rhode (4). Fas. H. Bradish (2). Fred. A. Schwartz (4). P. W. McAllister (2). J. W. Phillips (4). A. L. Skoog_(2). Francis G. Drew (4). Chas. E. Dickinson (2). G. L. Fort 4). Albert Currier (2).

Robert Pratt...

Wallace G, Nye... *A. C. Haugan. C. S, Hulbert. L. A. Lydiard. Frank Healy F. W. Cappelen, Perry A. Long (4). Roman Alexander (2).. J.S. Lane (4). Burke F. O'Brien (2) J. L. Kiicbli (4). Geo.'A. Durnam (2) Sam E. Adains (4) Samuel B. Loye (2) John Crosby 4)... Wyman Elliott (2) Andrew Anderson (1). Lars M. Rand (2) 0. H. Shepley (4). Norman 1. Colburn (2). $ Edward E. Webster (4) Seth M. Hewett (2). M. B. Lloyd (4)..., Erik Rhode (2). James Dwyer (4)... Fred A. Schwartz (2)... Peter Nelson (4). Fay W. Phillips (2), Chas. E. Dickinson (4). Francis G. Drew (2)... Albert Currier 4) G. L. Fort (2)

*Resigned Jan. 27th, 1897. #Resigned July 8th, 1898.

† Appointed by City Council March 12th, 1897, to fill vacancy caused by resignation of A. C Haugan.

SResigned Aug. 26th, 1898.

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