Proceedings of the State Bar Association of North Dakota

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The Association, 1907 - Bar associations
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Page 53 - Whether, if at any time, in a case depending before the judges, his majesty conceived it to concern him either in power or profit, and thereupon required to consult with them, and that they should stay proceedings in the mean time, they ought not to stay accordingly...
Page 57 - It tends to the impoverishment of divers artificers, and others, who before, by the labor of their hands in their art or trade, had maintained themselves and their families, who now will of necessity be constrained to live in idleness and beggary.
Page 40 - ARTICLE VII Amendments. — This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of voting members present.
Page 72 - If the carrying of lottery tickets from one State to another be interstate commerce, and if Congress is of opinion that an effective regulation for the suppression of lotteries, carried on through such commerce, is to make it a criminal offense to cause lottery tickets to be carried from one State to another, we...
Page 42 - AMENDMENTS. These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any regular meeting...
Page 40 - April in each year, at such time and place as shall be designated by the President.
Page 72 - The appellant insists that the carrying of lottery tickets from one State to another State by an express company engaged in carrying freight and packages from State to State, although such tickets may be contained in a box or package, does not constitute, and cannot by any act of Congress be legally made to constitute, commerce among the States within the meaning of the clause of the Constitution of the United States providing that Congress shall have power "to regulate commerce with foreign nations,...
Page 93 - He was a member of the Grand Army of the 'Republic and of various educational associations.
Page 68 - ... required, and on satisfactory proof that he has practiced law regularly for not less than one year, in the state from which he comes, after having been duly admitted to the bar according to the laws of such state.
Page 68 - No action shall be maintained in any court in this State on account of any sale or other contract made in violation of this act. SEC.

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