A Grammar of the Bengalee Language

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Mission, 1801 - Bengali language - 93 pages
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Page 4 - The study of Bengalee has been much neglected from an idea that its use is very confined. I believe, however, that it is the universal medium of conversation and business throughout the whole of Bengal, except among the servants, of Europeans ; and even they use it constantly in their own families. This language is (peculiarly copious and harmonious ; and, were it properly cultivated, would be deserving a place among those which are accounted the most elegant and expressive.
Page 93 - The prefent participle in $Tf precedes a verb, \\hen one action has a dependence upon another, and when there is but one agent to both the actions, as 3ltfil J3f^5l 3fsf3 I going will fpeak, or I will go and fpesk, Snffjq 55!ffr{3 I will come after I have eaten.
Page 4 - ... words used in the Bengalee and Hindostanee appear to be drawn from the same source. Yet the formation and genius of the two languages are so different that it would be improper to consider them as one. The Bengalee comprehends the dialects of Midnapore, Nuddea, Dinagepore, Coochbehar, and that spoken about Dacca and Chittagung, which all differ from each other, and yet preserve the same formation and genius.
Page 21 - ... all neuter nouns, have no plural regularly formed, but make it by the addition of ft^fj. Nouns fignifying irrational animals alfo require to have ftsj'j inferted before the plural termination, as 3F3?<f ^tTfajf^tt^F; th's marking their V*' <$•• inferiority, and diftinguifhing them from men.
Page 11 - This letter is properly y confonant, but is alvays pronounced as j in the northern parts of Bengal, and as z in the fouth.
Page 95 - H$ is uf<;d when we fpeak of our^elvfi in addreffing a fnperior. pronoun antecedent, is generally put before the member governed by the relative, as (H ^ttU \5-fJEI f^l^ifesil m ^'^ ^tfsi STfa I will go in rfthe fame path that you did.
Page 3 - Is fuppofed that all thofe who attempt to learn the Bengalee Language are, or ought to be...
Page 9 - The firft of thefe letters is ch, as in church ; the other is founded with an afpirate ; but in the fouthern parts of Bengal both of them have a found refembling that of f.
Page 19 - I fhall here tranfcn'be, becaufe they will be of much ufe in the compounding of Bengalee words, and ought invariably to be adhered to.

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