Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Another gargantuan entry, the fourth in the Song of Ice and Fire series—indeed, while writing it Martin found the undertaking growing so vast and unwieldy that he spit the action into two novels, so A Dance with Dragons runs concurrently and features characters and locations barely mentioned here. The action picks up directly following the events of A Storm of Swords (2000).The setting resembles ... Read full review

Review: A Feast for Crows: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4

Editorial Review - - Pauline Finch

Great feasts, especially the vast ones of high fantasy, are an affair of multiple senses and motives where the convoluted journey through myriad courses can leave the literary diner not merely full, but profoundly changed. And no more so than in A FEAST FOR CROWS, George RR Martin's fourth and latest in his everexpanding saga, A Song of Ice and Fire. If you count a tantalizing preview of the ... Read full review

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Excellent read. Martin keeps the movement by constantly shifting through a myriad of developing interweaving storylines.

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Slow starting book. I got so bored with it after about 300 pages that I put it down for about a year. Picked it back up recently and finished it up farely quick as the last part of the book is excellent in my opinion. All my favorite characters are in the next book but reading this one added several more people to my favorite characters list. Overall a great book and can't wait to see what's happening outside of King's Landing in the next book! 

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What a disappointment! I was engrossed by the first three books of the "Song of Fire and Ice" series but this book is a drag. The most interesting characters and story plots have been left out and so many minor characters come and go that it is difficult to keep them straight. He gets bogged down in details of side plots that he seemed to forget his central plots. Really? No Dany, no dragons, no Tyrion, he barely even mentions the story at the wall. You should skip this book in the series and go right to the next book. 

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As I expected
i thought the book was great.

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A feast for crows review
Pretty short compare to the last book. A host of new characters make it a little harder to keep up: found myself looking online for some of these new faces. I like where it is going.

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Slower Read
Less action, new characters

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Good book
Not the best book in the series for sure, but still a good story.

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Wow this was really disappointing. I hated it.

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