Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery: With Special Reference to the Management of the Sterile Condition

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Robert Hardwicke, 1886 - Infertility, Female - 436 pages
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While Sims was in Paris in voluntary exile because of the Civil War, he wrote this revolutionary and controversial work. It includes important and pioneering work on the treatment of infertility, including analysis of the conditions essential to conception and a record of a successful artificial insemination.

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Page 23 - the back, and the chest rotated forwards, bringing the sternum very nearly in contact with the table, while the spine is fully extended, with the head resting on the left parietal bone. The head must not be flexed on the sternum nor the right shoulder elevated. Indeed, the position must simulate that on the knees as
Page 24 - right side of the nates with the left hand, when the surgeon introduces the speculum, elevates the perineum, and gives the instrument into the right hand of the assistant, who holds it firmly in the desired position. The introduction of the speculum is a matter of some importance.
Page 136 - properly speaking, if the canal of the neck of the womb be straight, and large enough to permit the free passage of the menstrual blood. In other words, that there must be some mechanical obstacle to the egress of the flow at some point between the os internum and the os externum, or throughout the whole cervical canal. Dr.
Page 320 - of the perineum. This cut forms one side of a Y- Then pass the knife again into the vagina, still dilating with the fingers as before, and cut in like manner on the opposite side from above downwards, uniting the two incisions at or near the raphé, and prolonging them quite to the perineal integument.
Page 5 - to any great degree. 6.—The vagina should be capable of receiving and of retaining the spermatic fluid. 7.—Semen, with living spermatozoa, should be deposited in the vagina at the proper time. 8.- -The secretions of the cervix and vagina should not poison or kill the spermatozoa.
Page 9 - then be very easy to measure the size and shape of the body of the womb, for it will be held firmly between the fingers of the two hands, and its outline and irregularities will be ascertained with as much nicety as if it
Page 136 - I have always taught that menstruation may be painful, even acutely painful, from its dawn to its close, without any mischief or impediment existing of any kind whatever." Many years ago I believed all this, simply because Dr. Bennet and others said so; but now I do not believe
Page 311 - of the hymen and vulvar outlet, associated with such involuntary spasmodic contraction of the sphincter vaginae as to prevent coition. This irritable spasmodic action is» produced by the gentlest touch: often the touch of a
Page 320 - and prolonging them quite to the perineal integument. Each cut will be about two inches long, ie half an inch or more above the edge of the sphincter, half an inch over its fibres, and an inch from its lower edge to the perineal
Page 365 - weakens the semen. In other words, this is not so rich in spermatozoa after too great indulgence ; and when carried to the extent of a debauch, the fluid ejected may be wholly destitute of spermatozoa. Thus it will be =seen that it is much better to husband the resources of

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