Travels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark: Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries, Volume 3

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T. Cadell, 1787 - Europe, Northern

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Page 226 - ... some wind-mills are made to turn round. Upon the iron meridians is fixed a zodiac of tin painted blue, whereon the ecliptic and heliocentric orbits of the planets are drawn, and the constellations and stars traced: the great and little Bear and Draco are already painted in their places round the...
Page 226 - ... the northern ends of which are screwed to a large round plate of brass, with a hole in the centre of it; through...
Page 208 - The head, breast and arms were naked. The body was covered with a rich robe, but without any border of gold or jewels, and was laid on a sheet of fine gold, and covered over with another. The four sheets of gold weighed 40 Ib. The robes of both looked fair and complete: but on touching, crumbled into dust.
Page 227 - They are all inftructed in reading and writing, arithmetic, the French and German languages, and drawing. At the age of fourteen they are at liberty to chufe any of the following arts, divided into four clafles.
Page 312 - November 14, 1727. He received the first rudiments of learning in his father's house, where, besides a grammatical knowledge of his native tongue, he was well grounded in the Latin language. Being removed to the seminary of the cadets at St.
Page 313 - About the twenty-ninth year of his age, an enthusiastic fondness he had contracted for the works of Racine, turned his genius to the drama ; and he wrote the tragedy of " Koref," which laid the foundation of the Russian theatre.
Page 26 - ... to fear that the faith which has been established in Russia from the earliest times would be entirely changed, and a foreign religion introduced. In the second place, the glory which Russia has acquired at the...
Page 208 - That wherein the prince was deposited — which was in the centre, and the largest of the three — was easily distinguished by the sword, spear, bow, quiver and arrow which lay beside him. In the vault beyond him, towards which his feet lay, were his horse, bridle, saddle and stirrups. The body of the prince lay in a reclining...
Page 302 - In this seminary he made so considerable a progress in polite literature, as to be noticed and employed by the Imperial academy of sciences. In 1736 he was sent at the expence of that society, to the university of...
Page 359 - Dvina, in a bay, which he denominated the Bay of St. Nicholas, from a convent of that name, near the prefent port of Archangel. Information of his arrival being inftantly difpatched to Ivan Vaffilievitch II.

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