The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-supremacy

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Scribner, 1920 - Caucasian Race - 320 pages
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A far-seeing survey of race and history, T. Lothrop Stoddard's epic work did not refer to a belief that whites should rule over other races, but merely that, as he put it, a man who in 1914 looked at a world map "got one fundamental impression: the overwhelming preponderance of the white race in the ordering of the world's affairs". It was this dominance, Stoddard said, which was coming to an end because of the massive demographic swings which he foresaw over the coming decades--just one of the many accurate predictions made in this book which have allowed it to stand the test of time. Starting with an overview of the different races of the world and their traditional homelands, Stoddard pointed out how their technological backwardness allowed what he called the "white flood" to colonize all four corners of the earth. --

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Every major prediction of Stoddard in this work has come to pass.

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Page x - It would be succeeded by an unstable and bastardized population, where worth and merit would have no inherent right to leadership and among which a new and darker age would blot out our racial inheritance. Such a catastrophe cannot threaten if the Nordic...
Page 235 - The moral seems to be this : Eugenics among individuals is encouraging the propagation of the fit, and limiting or preventing the multiplication of the unfit. World eugenics is doing precisely the same thing as to races considered as wholes. Immigration restriction is a species of segregation on a large scale, by which inferior stocks can be prevented from both diluting and supplanting good stocks.
Page 191 - I HAVE signed the Peace Treaty, not because I consider it a satisfactory document, but because it is imperatively necessary to close the war...
Page 41 - All the emotions which impel a Christian to proselytize are in a Mussulman strengthened by all the motives which impel a political leader and all the motives which sway a recruiting sergeant, until proselytism has become a passion which, whenever success seems practicable, and especially success on a large scale, develops in the quietest Mussulman a fury of ardor which induces him to break down every obstacle, his own strongest prejudices included, rather than stand for an instant in a neophyte's...
Page 263 - The whole question is one of assimilation \^ of diverse races. We cannot make a homogeneous population of a people who do not blend with the Caucasian race.
Page 241 - melting-pot,'" he writes, "would not give us in a thousand years what enthusiasts expect of it — a fusing of all our various racial elements into a new type which shall be the true American. It will give us for many generations a perplexing diversity in ancestry, and since our successors must reach back into their ancestry for characteristics, this diversity will increase the uncertainty of their inheritances.
Page 231 - ... are only the national character in the form of standards of conduct. Now national character can only be formed in a population which is stable. The repeated introduction into a body of men, of other men of different type or types, cannot but tend to prevent its formation. Thus the nineteen millions of immigrants that have landed have tended to break up the type which was forming, and to make the formation of any other type difficult. Every million more will only intensify this result, and the...
Page 246 - Dams against the color races, with spillways of course for students, merchants and travelers, will presently enclose the white man's world. Within this area minor dams will protect the high wages of the less prolific peoples against the surplus labor of the more prolific. Assuredly, every small-family nation will try to raise such a dam and every big-family nation will try to break it down. The outlook for peace and disarmament is, therefore, far from bright. One needs but compare the populationpressures...
Page 264 - America would number 2,000,000, in eighty years 10,000,000, and in one hundred and forty years 100,000,000. .Another declares that "if the present ratio were maintained for the next ten years there would be 150,000 children of Japanese descent born in California in 1929 and but 40,000 white children. And in 1949 the majority of the California population would be Japanese, ruling the state.
Page 58 - There are no white servants, not even grooms, no white policemen, no white postmen, no white anything. If the brown men struck for a week, the "Empire" would collapse like a house of cards, and every ruling man would be a starving prisoner in his own house. He could not move or feed himself or get water.

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