The Legal Observer, Or, Journal of Jurisprudence, Volume 2

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J. Richards, 1831 - Law
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Page 323 - be deemed to have first accrued at and not before the time at which such acknowledgment, or the last of such acknowledgments, if more than one, was given. 16. Persons under disability of infancy, lunacy, coverture, or beyond seas, and their representatives, to be allowed ten years from the termination of their disability or death,
Page 148 - shall be brought or maintained, whereby to charge any person upon any contract or sale of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or any interest in or concerning them, unless the agreement upon which the
Page 398 - 46. By that section he is entitled to his discharge " as to the several debts and sums of money due, or claimed to be due, at the time of filing such prisoner's petition, from such prisoner to the several persons named in his or her schedule as creditors, or claiming to be creditors, for the same respectively.
Page 105 - taken by virtue of any execution on any pretence whatsoever, unless the party at suit the said execution is sued out, shall, before the removal of such goods from off the said premises by virtue of such execution or extent, pay to the landlord of the said
Page 300 - extend and be applied to several persons or things as well as one person or thing ; and every word importing the masculine gender only, shall extend and be applied to a female as well as a male.
Page 188 - which may happen by gaming have not been found sufficient for that purpose, for the further preventing of all excessive and deceitful gaming," it is enacted, " that all notes, bills, bonds, judgments, mortgages, or other securities or conveyances whatsoever, given, granted, drawn, or entered into, or executed by any person or persons whatsoever, where the
Page 323 - shall extend to all services and suits for which a distress may be made, and to all annuities and periodical sums of money charged upon or payable out of any land (except moduses or compositions belonging to a spiritual or eleemosynary corporation sole).
Page 188 - That if any person or persons shall play at any of the said games, or any other pastime, game, or games whatsoever (other than with and for ready money), or shall bet on the sides or hands of such as do or shall play thereat, and shall lose any sum or sums of money,
Page 105 - by virtue of such execution, provided the said arrears of rent do not amount to more than one year's rent : and in case the said arrears shall exceed one year's rent, then the said party at whose suit such execution is sued out
Page 331 - of his maintenance and education. This clearly was not a wagering policy within the meaning of that clause. It is true that the third section enacts, " that in all cases where the insured hath interest in such life or lives, event or events, no greater sum shall be recovered or received from the insurer

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