Boston Births from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 1800, Volume 24

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Rockwell & Churchill, city printers, 1894 - Registers of births, etc - 379 pages

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P 332 jan 5, 1783 birth of Simeon mayo to Simeon and martha.

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Page 236 - Lydia daughter of David and Lydia Cutler, Ann daughter of John and Ann Chandler, Catharine daughter of Cord and Sarah Cordis, Fawley Son of John and Elizabeth Daniel, Dorothy daughter of Thomas and Sarah Drowne, Mehetabel daughter of Jonathan and Mary Dwight, Jonathan Son of Joseph and Jane Dowse, William Son of William and Elizabeth
Page 44 - his Wife, Joshua Son of Allexr. Sherrar and Sarah his Wife, Samuel Son of Samll. Smith and Sarah his Wife, Nicholas Son of William Spencer and Mary his Wite, Elizabeth daughter of Benja. Simpson and Eliza, his Wife, Eliza, daughter of Thomas Short and Eliza, his Wife, Ebenr. Son of John Simpson and Rely his
Page 214 - daughter of David and Alice Whittemore, Mary daughter of John and Hannah Waldo, Hannah daughter of James and Elizabeth Willis, Lydia daughter of Joseph and Abigail Webb, Samuel Son of Samuel and Deborah Webb, Eunice daughter of Richard and Eunice Walker, John Son of Thomas and Dorothy Wharton, Mehetabel daughter of Sendell and Mehetabel Williams,
Page 216 - Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Eleanor Cuming William Son of Richard and Elizabeth Clarke, Rebekah daughter of Clement and Sarah Collins, Anna daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Coulton, Abiel Son of Jacob and Abiel Chamberlain, Jeremiah Son of Jeremiah and Ann Gushing, Lydia daughter of David and Lydia Cutler, Thomas Son of John and
Page 272 - Katharine daughter of John Andrews and Margaret his Wife, Born Francis Son of Francis Archibald and Hannah his Wife, Jeremiah Son of Jeremiah Allen and Elizabeth his Wife, Lydia daughter of Coster Aish and Mary his Wife, " William Son of William Adams and Jemima his Wife, Mary daughter of Mather Byles and Rebecca his
Page 349 - Nancy Newell daughter of Wilks Barber and Nancy Wife, Thomas Perkins Son of Reuben Carver and his Wife, " Nathan Davis Son of John Cotton and Susan his Wife, " James Son of Andrew Cunningham and Polly his Wife, Sally daughter of John Dorr and Esther his Wife,
Page 22 - Nicholson and Sarah his Wife, Thomas Son of George Nowel and Eliza, his Wife, Elizabeth daughter of Stephen Norwood and Eliza. his Wife, John Son of John Northey and Sarah his Wife, Mary daughter of John Noyse and Susana his Wife, Born 13 August 1703. 20 September 1703. " 15 November 1703. 29 December 1703.
Page 46 - daughter of John Brewster and Deliverence his Wife, " Eliazur Son of Christor. Capril and Tamzine his Wife, Rachel daughter of John Hurst and Rachell his Wife, Samll. Son of Mr. Cotton Mather and Eliza, his Wife, Susana daughter of Phillip Marret and Mary his Wife, " Eliza, daughter of Richard Tyhurst and Mary his Wife,
Page 350 - daughter of Giles Lodge and Abigail his Wife, Charles Stimson Son of John Lambert and Margaret his Wife, John Son of John Leman and Elizabeth his Wife, " Charles Son of Ozias Morse and Lucy his Wife, " Edward Henry Son of Perkins Nichols and Bridget his Wife, Mary Ann daughter of Ebenezer Parker and Sally
Page 228 - William Son of William and Anne Beer, Daniel Son of Daniel and Elizabeth Barker, William Son of John and Sarah Billings, Henry Son of Ebenezer and Mary Berry, Benjamin Son of Ebenezer and Mary Bridge, Benjamin Son of Thomas and Mehetabel Bolter, Martin Son of Martin and Susanna Brimmer, Joanna daughter of Richard and

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