Mucosal Immunology

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Jiri Mestecky, Michael E. Lamm, Pearay L. Ogra, Warren Strober, John Bienenstock, Jerry R. McGhee, Lloyd Mayer
Elsevier, Feb 2, 2005 - Medical - 2064 pages
Mucosal immunology is so important since most infectious agents enter the body through the various mucous membranes, and many common infections take place in or on mucous membranes. Mucosal Immunology, now in its third edition, is the only comprehensive reference covering the basic science and clinical manifestations of mucosal immunology. This book contains new research data, exceptional illustrations, original theory, a new perspective and excellent organization.
  • The most comprehensive text on mucosal immunology from internationally recognized experts in the field
  • Includes exceptional color illustrations, new research data, original theory and information on all mucosal diseases
  • Contains nine new chapters and an expanded appendix

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My journey in maintaining good health has been long and arduous. Mucosal Immunology has given me great insight into understanding my CD4 to CD8 imbalance and the importance of mucosal immunity. I make no NALT secretory IgA and only a trace amount of GALT IgA. I also make below normal levels of TGF-Beta1 and have low IL-10. The book has helped me understand the relationship between the Th1 and Th2 cytokine responses and helped me understand why severe reactions can occur based on my deficiencies. At 56, I am in great health in comparison to when I was in my 20’s. Mucosal immunity is essential for good health and when one is missing their first level of defense it is important to recognize the deficiency then learn to compensate for it. I believe every physician needs to be aware of the fundamental basics detailed in book one even if he/she does not have the time to understand all the concepts. Health begins with mucosal tolerance and tolerance is a learned process. If an individual like myself has deficiencies then compensations must be made to maintain health. Book one explains the theory and book two discusses case diseases. I have learned that if one portion of the immune system is faulty then with compensations a person can still live a fairly normal life. 


Part II Mucosal Diseases
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Appendix II Collection and Processing of External Secretions and Tissues of Mouse Origin
Appendix III Collection Handling and Analysis of Specimens for Studies of Mucosal Immunity in Large Animals
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