The Turner's Manual: Being a Complete Translation of the Valuable Work of L.E. Bergeron, with the Improvements and Alterations Introduced Up to the Present Time ; Illustrated with Fine Woodcuts and Lithographic Engravings of the Original Plates, Also of the Various Modern Appliances : Being a Perfect Edition of the Work of M. Bergeron, Supplemented with Original Notes and Appendices, Necessary to Render it a Comprehensive Encyclopędia of Turning, Plain and Ornamental, in All Its Branches

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Offen, 1877 - Lathes
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Page 207 - A sphere is a solid formed by the revolution of a semicircle round w fixed diameter.
Page 166 - ... idea of suicide, and a thirty-two caliber revolver bullet was at the autopsy found imbedded in the brain. There were no powder marks, and no pistol or other firearm could be found in the house after diligent search. There was a wound over the left eyebrow a half an inch or more in length, a quarter of an inch in width, and about a quarter of an inch in depth, but this was not the cause of death. Bureau drawers were pulled open and contents scattered on the floor, but although there was valuable...
Page 96 - ... proper food ior her young. The dirty-white larva possesses the usual form of fly-maggots; a ring of bristles between each pair of segments gives the maggot a fancied resemblance to a screw, hence the above popular name. These bristles act as legs in locomotion. The mature maggot is three-fourths of an inch in length, and about one-eighth of an inch in diameter; it possesses a tapering head, that contains two pointed black hooks, which are the mouth-parts used to obtain food. The posterior end...
Page 313 - Place the vessel containing the mixture on the fire, and as soon as it begins to boil take it off the fire and stir it until it becomes cold.
Page 91 - Make these pieces two feet long, a quarter of an inch thick, and from one inch and an eighth to one inch and a quarter in width.
Page 243 - A little oil should be applied to both sides of the milling-wheel, which must be inclined to the right or to the left, according to the shape of the work.
Page 161 - ... in one direction and then in the opposite one, taking care to always cross the strokes.
Page 99 - The other end of each rod is attached to another rod of the same length, the upper end of which is fastened to the top of the next pair.

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