History of California, Volume 18

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History Company, 1886 - California
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Page 84 - Nova Albion, and that for two causes ; the one in respect of the white banks and cliffs, which lie towards the sea, and the other, because it might have some affinity with our country in name, which sometime was so called.
Page 84 - Before we went from thence, our Generall caused to be set vp a monument of our being there, as also of her maiesties and successors right and title to that kingdome ; namely, a plate of brasse, fast nailed to a great and firme post...
Page 698 - ... decently dressed, seated cross-legged on a mat, placed on a small square wooden platform raised three or four inches from the ground, nearly in front of the door, with two daughters and a son, clean and decently dressed, sitting by her; this being the mode observed by these ladies when they receive visitors.
Page 527 - ... with flags and rushes, the walls on the inside had once been whitewashed; the furniture consisted of a very sparing assortment of the most indispensable articles, of the rudest fashion, and of the meanest kind; and ill accorded with the ideas we had conceived of the sumptuous manner in which the Spaniards live on this side of the globe.
Page 422 - to the singular and most pure mystery of the immaculate conception of the most holy virgin Mary, mother of God, queen of heaven, queen of angels, and Our Lady." The foundation was suspended like that of Santa Barbara, and operations were resumed when certain restrictions obnoxious to the friars were removed. In June 1785 Governor Fages recommended a site on the Santa Rosa River, now called the Santa...
Page 589 - The commandants, without expressing an opinion as to the propriety or undue severity of the punishments inflicted, simply specify those punishments, administered by the padres at will, as flogging, from fifteen to fifty lashes, or sometimes a novenary of twenty-five lashes per day for nine days, stocks, shackles, the corma — a kind of hobble — and imprisonment in some of the missionrooms, for neglect of work or religious duties, overstaying leave of absence, sexual offences, thefts, and quarrelling...
Page 135 - Serra and his priests performed their part with the utmost reverence and solemnity, praying that they might "put to flight all the hosts of hell and subject to the mild yoke of our holy faith the barbarity of the gentile Dieguinos.
Page 428 - ... and when it came to settling the score, we had to insist on their receiving our money. Vegetables, milk, poultry, all the garrison's labor in helping us to wood and water were free; and cattle, sheep, and grain were priced at so low a figure that it was evident an account was furnished only because we had rigorously insisted on it. M. Fages joined to his generosity the most gentlemanly demeanor; his house was ours, and we might dispose of all his servants.
Page 443 - September 1787 with the design of making discoveries and inspecting the establishments which the Russians have on the northern coasts of this peninsula; — you will take measures to secure this vessel and all the people on board, with discretion, tact, cleverness, and caution, doing the same with a small craft which she has with her as a tender, and with every other suspicious foreign vessel, giving me prompt notice in such cases in order that I may take such action as shall be expedient.
Page 201 - The rectangle here is seventy yards long and fortythree wide, with ravelins at the corners. For want of nails the upright palisades are not secured at the top, and the ease with which they can be moved renders the strong gate locked at night an object of ridicule. Within, the chief building, also of palisade walls plastered inside and out with mud or clay, is seven by fifty yards and divided into six rooms. One room serves as a church, another as the minister's dwelling, and another as a storehouse,...

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