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Page 357 - While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand; 'When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; 'And when Rome falls — the World.
Page 357 - Midst the chief relics of almighty Rome ; The trees which grew along the broken arches Waved dark in the blue midnight, and the stars Shone through the rents of ruin ; from afar The watchdog bay'd beyond the Tiber ; and More near from out the Caesars...
Page 411 - OVER THE OCEAN; or, Sights and Scenes In Foreign Lands By CURTIS GUILD, editor of'' The Boston Commercial Bulletin.
Page 361 - Scipios* tomb contains no ashes now ; The very sepulchres lie tenantless Of their heroic dwellers : dost thou flow, Old Tiber ! through a marble wilderness ? Rise, with thy yellow waves, and mantle her distress!
Page 280 - Sardinia), the States of the Church, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Naples and Sicily).
Page 412 - A Favorite Series. THE B. 0. WC STORIES. By JAMBS DE MILLE. 6 volumes. Illustrated. Per vol., $1.50. 1. THE BOWC 2. THE BOYS OF GRAND PRE SCHOOL. - 3. LOST IN THE FOG. 4. FIRE IN THE WOODS. 5. PICKED UP ADRIFT. 6. THE TREASURE OF THE SEAS. By a Pleasing Writer. DICK TRAVERS ABROAD. By Miss ADELAIDE F. SAMUELS. 4 volumes. Illustrated. Per vol., 50c. 1. PALM LAND. 2. THE LOST TAB. 3. ON THE WAVE. 4. LITTLE CRICKET. By the author of
Page 399 - Monastery, connected with one of the churches, is the celebrated picture of the Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci. The...
Page 414 - EMERSON, in a note to the author, says : — " I believe that any person who shall carefully read it would so understand the principles, and have his eyes opened to the beauties of art, that he would never look upon a picture, a statue, or a noble building, without more interest and a higher power of appreciating and enjoying it.
Page 411 - The Chicago Commercial says : — "A pleasant break in the monotony of stories of European trips. " She tells you the best and cheapest way to travel, the shortest and. pleasantest routes, the best sights to see, the best hotels to live in, and just how much it costs to travel, see, er live in the far countries she describes.
Page 411 - York A Ibion says : — *' This is certainly a collection of some of the most perfect pen-pictures of Sights and Scenes in Foreign Lands we have ever read.*' Rev. HW BELLOWS says, in the Liberal Christian : — " It is one of the best books of foreign travel" ever published in this country." Rev. EDWARD EVERETT HALE, says: — "I read it with constant interest — and I read but few books of travel." AN AMERICAN WOMAN IN EUROPE. The journal of two weeks' sojourn in France, Switzerland, Italy, and...

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