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In order for The Long Tail to make up a viable business option, the cost of storage and the cost of delivery has to go so low that selling more of low-volume individual, 'niche' product collectively overtakes selling less numbers of high-volume 'hits'.
Once, the referrals and reviews create a definitive demand for the niche product, the price charged also can look upwards.
Many would think that this can happen only in a pure digital play world only.
But, the brick-and-mortar retailers also can get several pointers to critically examine the elements of their business model on the basis of several concepts outlined in the book, and can work out an altogether a radically different model that can have best of 'strong head' and a powerfully wagging 'long tail.
The book does succeed in kindling a long tail of thoughts on the subject of "Why the future of Business is Selling Less of More".

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Ground-breaking analysis of trends! And what an amazing concept!

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