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And who is "A"?\

User Review  - Shon - Borders

Unbelievable picks up where Perfect left off: moments after Hanna's accident. While her friends and family pace the hospital's waiting room to learn Hanna's fate, "A" continues to threaten each girl ... Read full review

Great, but also very bad! :(

User Review  - BookStealer101 - Borders

Its a great series..except the fact that there are a lot if curse words and bad things, yes it makes the book "juicy-and unforgettable guilty pleasure-" but i rathe read it without feeling "guilty." because I know Im not supposed to be reading about stuff like that- Read full review

Great Series!

User Review  - Reader Aly - Borders

This series is awesome. I've been reading the series constantly during school all day. My friend has even been reading it on her way to next class. If you like gossip drama with mystery this is the ... Read full review

Loved it!

User Review  - SBP24 - Borders

One of the best series I have ever read! It was never boring and always kept me interested. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery and drama. I never wanted to put it down! :] ~HAPPY READING~ Read full review

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Sara Shepard truely is a genius when it comes to writing. I could not put this book down. Sometimes as series go on, the continually get worse, but praise to th Pretty Little Liars series for always keeping me on my toes and never knowing what is coming next. Just when you think you hve the entire story line, the chaeacter A wipes away everything you though you knew. Can't wait to see what the next books have in store!

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P.L.L #4

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Call me a fan! I have fallen even deeper into this series and with each book, I can't wait to find out more clues to eithe confirm or deny my guesses. I think I could be close, but really I have no clue and I love it.
The writing has been so addictive. It is easy to slip into the story after reading a book between and I found myself immersed in the hunt for A and the killer. With each book, I hope to be closer and then at the end I find myself no closer, yet no further away from the truth. As stated before, there is some repetitiveness to each book because as the story develops Shepard repeats clues from previous books, but it can be easily bypassed.
As I still haven't started watching the series, I am intrigued as to how close to the characters they follow and if the intricacies of the story are apparent on screen. Maybe a show I will check out soon, but I definitely want to complete my reading before I begin my viewing.
I think this series can be enjoyed by all ages as the mystery is the heart of the story. As they are high schoolers, the drama is obviously at that level, but I don't think the story is any lower due to their ages.

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Sara Shepard is a really great author and Pretty Little Liars turned out to be really incredible with the TV Series and the books! I LOVE THEM!


User Review  - kara99 - Borders

this book is one of the best books i've read! once i started i couldn't put it down. a must read! Read full review


User Review  - spyfox96 - Borders

I have read this book and it is amazing!!!!!! But you first have to read the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd book before you read this one. Because this book reveals so Read full review

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