Human Life, Action and Ethics: Essays by G.E.M. Anscombe

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Imprint Academic, 2005 - Philosophy - 298 pages
Analytical philosophy and the spirituality of man -- Has mankind one soul : an angel distributed through many bodies? -- Human essence -- Were you a zygote? -- Embryos and final causes -- Knowledge and reverence for human life -- The dignity of the human being -- Chisholm on action -- The causation of action -- Practical inference -- Practical truth -- Does Oxford moral philosophy corrupt youth? -- Modern moral philosophy -- Good and bad human action -- Action, intention and 'double effect' -- The controversy over a new morality -- Must one obey one's conscience? -- Glanville Williams' The sanctity of life and the criminal law : a review -- Who is wronged? : Philippa Foot on double effect -- Prolegomenon to a pursuit of the definition of murder : the illegal and the unlawful -- Murder and the morality of euthanasia -- Commentary on John Harris' 'Ethical problems in the management of severely handicapped children' -- Sins of omission? -- The non-treatment of controls in clinical trials.

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About the author (2005)

Anscombe (1919-2001) read classics and philosophy at St Hugh's College, Oxford from 1937 to 1941 in which year she married the philosopher Peter Geach. She subsequently researched in philosophy at Newnham College, Cambridge where she became a student and friend of Ludwig Wittgenstein. One of his literary executors, she played a large part in editing his unpublished works and was their principal English translator. In 1946 she returned to Oxford as a University Lecturer in 1951. From 1970 until her retirement in 1986 she held the Chair of Philosophy at Cambridge.

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