Graphic and historical sketches of Scarborough

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Page 11 - be at the west end of the Chirch, and one in the middle of the cross isle. There is a great chapelle by side by the Newborow Gate." The town of Scarborough was anciently confined within narrow limits. Some of the foundations of the ancient walls are yet remaining, and the line
Page 59 - in a variety of nervous cases ; -particularly those consequent to confinement, dissipation, and a town-life; where the bowels require no assistance. It is likewise serviceable in those very numerous cases which occur to females at that time -of life, when. the growth seems disproportionate to the strength. This complaint is mostly distinguished by a pale complexion, depraved appetite,
Page 57 - mind, to long and tedious illness, to agues, to residence in hot climes, and sometimes to intemperance. In such cases I have known a small glass of this water repeated every day for some time, produce the most desired and permanent effect; even when very powerful medicines have not been found to answer, or -only to afford temporary
Page 59 - observe that the water-servers generally recommend it to the delicate of their own sex ; and I believe with good success. This water is however apt to heat; and sometimes sits heavy. This may be prevented by the means hereafter mentioned, or by taking a glass of the south-well water at the same time." " The north-well- water is peculiarly
Page 49 - of the Church. The extent of the damage which it occasioned,- may yet be seen by the imperfect junction of one of the arches in the middle aisle,, near the pulpit. The present steeple, which now singularly stands at the eastern end, was erected upon the ruins, and occupies the place of
Page 14 - Holderness, observing this place to be fitly situated for building a Castle on, increased the natural strength of it by a very costly work, having inclosed all the plain upon the rock with a wall, and built a Tower in the entrance. But this being decayed and fallen by the weight of too much age, King Henry
Page 9 - texture. The town rises from the shore in the form of an amphitheatre, and has a romantic appearance on the concave slope of its semicircular bay. It is peninsular, laved at the foot by the waves, and much admired for its varied beauties.
Page 58 - various parts of the body ; roughness of the skin, or scurf, fyc. are often cured by a long continued use of the south-well water. Some remarkable instances of this kind have come to my knowledge both of the inhabitants of the town and
Page 16 - This huge rotundity we tread, grows old; And all those worlds that roll around the sun :— The sun itself shall die; and ancient night
Page 14 - commanded a great and brave Castle to be built upon- the same spot. For he had now reduced the Nobility of England, who during the loose reign of King Stephen had impaired the revenues of the crown; but especially this William of

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