The Development Of The Drama

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Page 3 - For ill can Poetry express Full many a tone of thought sublime, And Painting, mute and motionless, Steals but a glance of time. But by the mighty actor brought, Illusion's perfect triumphs come; Verse ceases to be airy thought, And Sculpture to be dumb. "\ To
Page 191 - made a lamentable complaint of his miserable case, and so was carried away by wicked spirits. This prince did personate . . . the Wicked of the World; the three ladies, Pride, Covetousness and Luxury; the two old men the End of the World and the Last Judgment.
Page 190 - Cradle of Security,' wherein was personated a king . . . with his courtiers of several kinds, amongst which three ladies were in special grace with him; and they, keeping him in delight and pleasures, drew him from his graver
Page 190 - three ladies who fall to singing again, and then discovered his face that the spectators might see how they had transformed him, going on with their singing. Whilst all this was acting, there came forth
Page 190 - his mace on his shoulder, the other in red with a drawn sword in his hand . . . ; and so they two went along in a soft pace . . . till at last they came to the cradle
Page 190 - till at last they came to the cradle when all the court was in the greatest jollity; and then the foremost old man with his mace stroke a fearful blow upon
Page 190 - that, in the end, they got him to lie down in a cradle upon the stage, where these three ladies, joining in a sweet song, rocked him asleep that he snorted again; and in the meantime
Page 190 - conveyed under the clothes wherewithall he was covered, a vizard, like a swine's snout, upon his face, with three wire chains fastened thereunto, the other
Page 191 - the cradle, whereat all the courtiers, with the three ladies and the vizard, all vanished; and the desolate prince starting up barefaced
Page 165 - Invention, interest, sprightly turns in plays, Say what they will, are Spain's peculiar praise ; Hers are the plots which strict attention seize, Full of intrigue and yet disclosed with ease : Hence scenes and acts her fertile stage affords Unknown,

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