The English Church and Its Bishops 1700-1800, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green, 1887 - Bishops - 380 pages

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Page 338 - The generous band Who, touched with human woe, redressive searched Into the horrors of the gloomy jail, Unpitied and unheard, where misery moans, Where sickness pines, where thirst and hunger burn, And poor misfortune feels the lash of vice. 2
Page 322 - agreeable and improving commerce of gentlemen and scholars,' ' a society where emulation without envy, ambition without jealousy, contention without animosity, incited industry and awakened genius; where a liberal pursuit of knowledge and a generous freedom of thought was raised, encouraged, and pushed forward, by example, by commendation, and by authority.
Page 333 - Her cap, far whiter than the driven snow, Emblem right meet of decency does yield. Her apron died in grain, as blue, I trow, As is the harebell that adorns the field ; And in her hand, for sceptre, she
Page 333 - A russet stole was o'er her shoulders thrown, A russet kirtle fenced the nipping air; 'Twas simple russet, but it was her own; 'Twas her own country bred the flock so fair, 'Twas her own labour did the fleece prepare.
Page 198 - he had actually said this: but I was soon convinced of my error; for with a determined look he thundered out, " And would I not, sir ? Shall the Presbyterian Kirk of Scotland have its General Assembly, and the Church of England be denied its Convocation
Page 331 - that the knowledge of the common people of England is greater than that of any other vulgar. This superiority we undoubtedly owe to the rivulets of intelligence which are continually trickling among us, which every one may catch, and of which every one partakes.'
Page 389 - Whitefield says in his journal, " There are promises still to be fulfilled in me." Sir, the pretending to extraordinary revelation and gifts of the Holy Ghost is a horrid thing, a very horrid thing.'
Page 325 - That the rules are sometimes ill observed may be true, but is nothing against the system. The members of a university may, for a season, be unmindful of their duty. I am arguing for the excellence of the institution.
Page 68 - and liking of their hearers, have been, and are, thereby under temptation of too much complying and suiting their doctrines and teaching to the humours rather than to the good of their hearers, which hath been a great occasion of faction and schism and contempt of the ministry
Page 61 - station of our holy service ; I thank God, not unpainfully, nor unprofitably. But there is no one thing of which I repent so much, as not to have bestowed more hours in this public exercise of catechism, in regard whereof I would quarrel with my very sermons.

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