Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg: And History of Prussia, During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Volume 1

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Page 428 - And he slew an Egyptian, a goodly man: and the Egyptian had a spear in his hand; but he went down to him with a staff, and plucked the spear out of the Egyptian's hand, and slew him with his own spear.
Page 40 - I; and at last, after completing his seventh year, was seized with a fever, which, in a few days, put an end to his life, and transferred to me the inheritance of my ancestors.
Page 217 - Vienna ; and if time shall evince that the ' giving up the trade of this nation to one power, and ' Gibraltar and Port Mahon to another, is made the ' price and reward of imposing upon this kingdom a ' Popish Pretender, what an indignation must this raise "in the breast of every Protestant Briton!
Page 276 - King's daily and confidential companion, to his side ; both of them kept up a correspondence of a revolting nature with Reichenbach, the Prussian resident in London. This Reichenbach, who boasts somewhere of his indifference to outward honours, and who was, at all events, chiefly deficient in an inward sense of honour, not only kept up a direct correspondence with Seckendorf, in which he informed him of all that was passing in England in relation to the marriage, and assured the Austrian agent that...
Page 276 - ... reckon on him as on himself; but, what is far worse, he allowed Grumbkoo to dictate to him what he was to write to the king, and composed his despatches according to his directions. It is hardly conceivable that these letters should not have been destroyed ; they were, however, found among Grumbkoo's papers at his death. Reichenbach, who played a subordinate part, but who regarded himself as the third party to this conspiracy, furnished on his side facts and arguments, which were to be urged...
Page 106 - ... against England and Holland, with whom it was otherwise closely allied. The only recompense was to be the concession of royal rank to the Elector. The principal opposition to this offer arose out of the difference of confessions. It is also quite true that the Emperor's confessor, Pater Wolf, to whom the Elector wrote with his own hand, helped to overrule it, and took part in the negotiations. But the determining cause was, without doubt, the political state of affairs. A concession which involved...
Page 43 - At all events it is manifest that Frederick William himself was by no means satisfied. Of all the princes of the house of Brandenburg, he is the only one who ever showed a strong predilection for maritime life and maritime power. It was the dream of his youth that he would one day sail, along shores obedient to his will, all the way from Custrin, out by the mouths of the Oder, across to the coast of Prussia. His sojourn in the Netherlands had strengthened, though it had not inspired, his love of...
Page 33 - Hiobs Geduld werde gepriesen, weil er von Gott heimgesucht worden, die sich aber von Menschen vexiren, braviren und mit Stillsitzen das ihrige nehmen lassen, die wird kein Historienschreiber loben konnen.
Page 171 - But the accession of the house of Hanover to the throne of England was in itself an event of the greatest importance and promise to Prussia.
Page 229 - Sentiments, das ich gerne meine Hiinde frei habe und gern von mir allein dependire, da wo ich A sage, ich auch B sagen muss ; was aber die bergische Affaire ist, ist das Agrandissement vor mein Haus nur eine Sache da ich vor Gott und Menschen Recht habe, wenn ich mich darum schlage, ich es mit gutem Gewissen thun kann, aber in weitlauftige Engagements einzugehen, weiss nit ob es von meiner Convenience ist.

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