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J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1877 - Centennial Exhibition
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Page 13 - day and night, sleeping but three or four hours out of the twenty-four, and eating generally but once a day, as I knew I must get a machine made for forty dollars, or not get it at all. The machine was completed the night of the eleventh day from the day it was commenced. About nine o'clock that evening we got the parts of the machine together, and commenced trying it.
Page 131 - I need scarcely say I was astonished and delighted ; so were others, including some other judges of our group, who witnessed the experiments and verified with their own ears the electric transmission of speech. This, perhaps the greatest marvel hitherto achieved by the electric telegraph, has been obtained by appliances of quite a homespun and rudimentary character. With somewhat more advanced plans and more powerful apparatus, we may confidently expect that Mr. Bell will give us the means of making...
Page 131 - This second electromagnet has a solid bar of iron for core, which is connected at one end, by a thick disc of iron, to an iron tube surrounding the coil and bar. The free circular end of the tube constitutes one pole of the electro-magnet, and the adjacent free end of the bar-core the other.
Page 131 - Graham Bell exhibits apparatus by which he has achieved a result of transcendent scientific interest, — the transmission of spoken words by electric currents through a telegraph wire.
Page 131 - Bell perceived that he must produce a variation of strength of current in the telegraph wire as nearly as may be in exact proportion to the velocity of a particle of air moved by the sound ; and he invented a method of doing so — a piece of iron attached to a membrane, and thus moved to and fro in the neighbourhood of an electro-magnet, which has proved perfectly successful.
Page 14 - The whole of these machines are characterized by extreme refinement in every detail, by the superior quality of material employed in their construction, by first-class workmanship, both in regard to nice fitting and precision, and for the mathematical accuracy of all the parts; by the beautiful outlines that are imparted to each structure; by the correct proportions that have been worked out in the determining of strength and form, and the disposal of material to take full share of duty. For the...
Page 14 - ... is worthy of the highest honor that can be conferred. Besides, it is thoroughly national in its characteristics, and pre-eminently worthy of the United States and of the grand occasion of the Centennial Exhibition. Every single machine, tool or piece of apparatus that is displayed in this vast offering would for itself command the strongest recommendation for an award, even if it stood alone as a unit ; but here every unit is surrounded by thirty-three distinct machines, each one being of the...

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