Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences

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PART ONE A LIBRARY OF ELEMENTARY FUNCTIONS CHAPTER 1 Linear Equations and Graphs 1-1 Linear Equations and Inequalities 1-2 Graphs and Lines 1-3 Linear Regression Chapter 1 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 2 Functions and Graphs 2-1 Functions 2-2 Elementary Functions: Graphs and Transformations 2-3 Quadratic Functions 2-4 Exponential Functions 2-5 Logarithmic Functions Chapter 2 Review Review Exercise PART TWO FINITE MATHEMATICS CHAPTER 3 Mathematics of Finance 3-1 Simple Interest 3-2 Compound and Continuous Compound Interest 3-3 Future Value of an Annuity; Sinking Funds 3-4 Present Value of an Annuity; Amortization Chapter 3 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 4 Systems of Linear Equations; Matrices 4-1 Review: Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables 4-2 Systems of Linear Equations and Augmented Matrices 4-3 Gauss-Jordan Elimination 4-4 Matrices: Basic Operations 4-5 Inverse of a Square Matrix 4-6 Matrix Equations and Systems of Linear Equations 4-7 Leontief Input-Output Analysis Chapter 4 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 5 Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming 5-1 Inequalities in Two Variables 5-2 Systems ofLinear Inequalities in Two Variables 5-3 Linear Programming in Two Dimensions: A Geometric Approach Chapter 5 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 6 Linear Programming: Simplex Method 6-1 A Geometric Introduction to the Simplex Method 6-2 The Simplex Method: Maximization with Problem Constraints of the Form d"br> 6-3 The Dual; Minimization with Problem Constraints of the Form e"br> 6-4 Maximization and Minimization with Mixed Problem Constraints Chapter 6 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 7 Logic, Sets, and Counting 7-1 Logic 7-2 Sets 7-3 Basic Counting Principles 7-4 Permutations and Combinations Chapter 7 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 8 Probability 8-1 Sample Spaces, Events, and Probability 8-2 Union, Intersection, and Complement of Events; Odds 8-3 Conditional Probability, Intersection, and Independence 8-4 Bayes' Formula 8-5 Random Variable, Probability Distribution, and Expected Value Chapter 8 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 9 Markov Chains 9-1 Properties of Markov Chains 9-2 Regular Markov Chains 9-3 Absorbing Markov Chains Chapter 9 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 10 Games and Decisions 10-1 Strictly Determined Games 10-2 Mixed Strategy Games 10-3 Linear Programming and 2 2 Games: Geometric Approach 10-4 Linear Programming and m n Games: Simplex Method and the Dual Problem Chapter 10 Review Review Exercise CHAPTER 11 Data Description and Probability Distributions 11-1 Graphing Data 11-2 Measures of Central Tendency 11-3 Measures of Dispersion 11-4 Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distributions 11-5 Normal Distributions Chapter 11 Review Review Exercise APPENDIX A Basic Algebra Review Self-Test on Basic Algebra A-1 Algebra and Real Numbers A-2 Operations on Polynomials A-3 Factoring Polynomials A-4 Operations on Rational Expressions A-5 Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation A-6 Rational Exponents and Radicals A-7 Quadratic Equations APPENDIX B Special Topics B-1 Sequences, Series, and Summation Notation B-2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences B-3 The Binomial Theorem APPENDIX C Tables Table I Area Under the Standard Normal Curve Table II Basic Geometric Formulas.

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