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Dexter King Visits James Earl Ray in Prison: Says He Believes Ray is Innocent
Martin Luther King (Jr.); 1929-1968 (Assassination), James Earl Ray (American assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr.); 1928-1998, Dexter King (American foundation official and son of Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Rev. Jesse Jackson Organizes Support for Chicago Boy, 13, Allegedly Attacked by White Teens
Jesse L. Jackson (American clergyman and civil rights activist.); 1941-, Lenard Clark, Juvenile delinquents and delinquency, Black youth (Crimes against), Chicago (Ill.) (Crime, Race relations)
Survey Reveals Black Women are the Least Happy Americans
Black women (Psychology), Happiness
Interracial Marriages Rising, Says Census Bureau
Interracial marriage
Risk Factors are Greater in Pregnancy for Women After Sterilization Surgery: Study
Pregnancy (Complications), Sterilization, Sexual
Why Bald Heads Have Become So Popular
Baldness, Black celebrities
Black Coaches Address Hiring Concerns with NFL Commissioner
Paul Tagliabue (American football commissioner.), National Football League (Commissioner), Black football coaches, Discrimination in sports
Thomas Nichols, Brother of 'Star Trek' Actress Nichelle Nichols, Among Two Black Victims in Heaven's Gate Suicide
Nichelle Nichols (American actress, dancer and singer.); 1932-, Thomas Nichols (American cult member.), Heaven's Gate (Cult) (Mass suicide, 1997)
Massachusetts Lawyer Agrees to Pay $100,000 in Sexual Harassment Suit
Donald E. Green, Sexual harassment in business, Black women (Employment)
Cochran Takes Case of Black L.A. Cop Slain by White City Detective
Johnnie Cochran (American lawyer.); 1937-2005, Lee Gaines (singer and lyricist.); 1914-1987, Frank J. Lyga (police officer.), Black police, Los Angeles (Calif.) (Police shootings, Race relations)

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