History of Guaranty of Bank Deposits: In the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, 1908-1914

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - Bank deposits - 62 pages
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Page 47 - operations, withdraw or permit to be withdrawn, either in the form of dividends or otherwise, any portion of its capital. If losses have at any time been sustained by any such association equal to or exceeding its undivided profits then on hand, no dividend shall be made; and no dividend shall ever be made by
Page 47 - shall be necessary to prevent a loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith; and stock so purchased or acquired, shall, within six months from the time of its purchase, be sold or disposed of at public or private sale, or, in default thereof,
Page 49 - upon conviction thereof shall be punished by fine of not less than five hundred nor more than five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the State penitentiary for not more than one year, or
Page 36 - after citing the commissioner to show cause why further proceedings should not be enjoined and hearing the allegations and proofs of the parties and determining the facts, may upon the merits dismiss such application or enjoin the commissioner from further proceedings and direct him to surrender such business and property to such State bank.
Page 36 - bank, or whether an agent or agents shall be elected for that purpose, and in so determining the said stockholders shall vote by ballot, in person or by proxy, each share of stock entitling the holder to one vote, and a majority of the stock shall be necessary
Page 35 - any time after the expiration of the date fixed for the presentation of claims, the commissioner may, out of the funds remaining in his hands after the payment of expenses, declare one or more dividends, and, after the expiration of one year from the first publication of
Page 58 - one hundred dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than five years, or by both such fine and imprisonment. And the principal offenders and aiders and abettors may be charged in the same count, and separate offenses may be charged in separate counts of the same indictment or information and be tried together.
Page 56 - Every officer, director, employee, or agent of any bank, who embezzles, abstracts, or wilfully misapplies any of the moneys. funds, credits, or securities of the bank, with intent in either case to injure or defraud the bank or any individual, person, company, or corporation, or to deceive any officer of the banK, or the bank
Page 56 - imprisonment in the State penitentiary for a term of not less than one nor more than ten years: and any commissioner, secretary, examiner, or employee of the banking department who shall neglect to perform any duty, or who shall prove to be incompetent, negligent, or insubordinate', may be summarily removed by the State banking board.
Page 37 - and shall have the same power and be subject to the same liabilities and duties as the agent originally elected. Dividends and unclaimed deposits remaining unpaid in the hands of the commissioner for six months after the order for final distribution shall be by him deposited in

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