Geology and Mining Series, Issues 1-15

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Prepared and published by Nevada State Bureau of Mines, 1904
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Page 26 - Manganese deposits of the United States, with sections on foreign deposits, chemistry, and uses: US Geol.
Page 75 - THE GEOLOGY OF THE DEPOSIT OF DUMORTIERITE IN HUMBOLDT QUEEN CANYON, PERSHING COUNTY, NEVADA GENERAL GEOLOGY By J C. JONES Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, Mackay School of Mines While dumortierite is a rare mineral, yet it has been found practically the world over associated with granites, pegmatite dikes, high temperature quartz veins, and contact metamorphic deposits. "With the...
Page 69 - ... and hydroxyl are known to do. There is, then, no reason that the writer can see why the alumina, boric acid, and water in dumortierite should not be present in fixed quantities and that the variations shown in analyses are not due to isomorphous replacements, but to inaccuracy of analyses or impure material.
Page 29 - Combination. 81.0 95.1 73.9 87.6 1,200 1,600 7.1 6.00 7.5 4.70 0.22 0.145 0.07 0.02 3. The lower the velocity, and consequently the smaller the volume of air in the upcast shaft, with given area and rubbingsurface, the greater the cooling-effect of the shaft. 4. The greater the proportion of rubbing-surface to shaftarea, the greater the cooling-effect. 5. Where incast and upcast air are conducted through the same shaft, the cooling-effect of the incast upon the upcast air is very marked. Regarding...
Page 54 - As living in high altitudes is claimed by many authorities to bring about a marked increase in the number of red corpuscles over the number normal to residents of the sea-coast, I give in Table XXXI. for comparison with Tables XXVI. to XXX. the results of counts made upon subjects resident in Reno and Virginia City, all of whom were in good health and had resided in the locality designated for a number of years. TABLE XXXI. — Summary of Blood- Examinations in Relation to Altitude. Subject No. 9...
Page 8 - ... the tunnel. In railroad tunnel-work, where, from financial conditions, timber must be used instead of masonry, masonry zones might well be used. The recent fire in the Chilcoot tunnel of the Western Pacific railroad is a case in point. A main working-shaft in a mine would admit of fire-localization in the same way. In place of masonry, steel tunnel-sets or shaft-sets could be used. While perhaps general rules for the placing of fire-stops and doors could be formulated, the conditions at each...
Page 55 - FOREWORD This is the first of a series of bulletins to be issued by the Mackay School of Mines on live subjects of interest to the industry.
Page 15 - ... shall any mine manager, superintendent, foreman or shift boss, or other person having the management or direction of mine labor, allow or permit the use of such steel, iron or other matal [metal] tamping bar by employees under his management or direction.
Page 2 - The pump-man in charge notified the surface, and the electric current was shut off. A hose was then turned on the fire, but the dense smoke drove the attendant out. Inspection by the electrician and the shaft-foreman, equipped with oxygenhelmets, soon after, showed no flames or excessive heat, but the continued expulsion of smoke indicated that some fire was present. The pump-chamber was then ordered flooded. No estimate of the damage was published and no fatalities occurred.) It is not the purpose...
Page 15 - ... single shaft affords the only means of ingress or egress to persons employed underground, such shaft if more than 200 feet deep shall be divided into at least two compartments. One of said compartments shall be set aside and used exclusively as a ladder way.

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